“The Nelson Mandela who emerges from Long Walk to Freedom is considerably more human than the icon of legend.” — New York Times Book Review. Editorial Reviews. Review. The famously taciturn South African president reveals much of himself in Long Walk to Freedom. A good deal of this. 28 from There was little in Nelson Mandela's early life to indicate that he would become a leader of an.

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PDF | Nelson Mandela: No Easy Walk to Freedom This collection of No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by. IN ANY AUTOBIOGRAPHY the life is shaped and constructed in terms of the Long Walk To Freedom: The autobiography of Nelson Mandela by Nelson. Biography of Nelson Mandela. (Copied from article/biography-nelson-mandela). Nelson Mandela changed South Africa and.

Now that Mandela has passed I decided to get the site version, as I didn't want to risk ruining my precious signed edition.

The second time around I am enjoying it even more. His voice rings in my ears as I read his words, and I can see him clearly in front of me. What an incredible man he was. The way in which he comes across in his book is the exact person that I met in I think that anyone who has heard the name Mandela, whether they are South African or not, and who feels they want to know this exceptional man a little better and know what true humility is should definitely read this book.

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Mandela is quite literally The Man. This book describes in as much detail as possible for a single book all of the trials and tribulations that Nelson Mandela endured personally and publicly.

It shows that he is a human who makes mistakes; he is no different from the rest of us. It describes his enthusiasm and motivation in doing what is right for his people, his home, his community, his country. It details how much Mandela personally endured for a cause greater than himself, for his people, for justice.

His peaceful and intellectual approach to all matters after the learnings of his wild and sometimes aggressive youth is what allowed him to calmly discuss differences, appeal to others, teach himself law and represent himself in court, aid in the overturn of apartheid, have hope in a future for himself and those who had been victimized in South Africa, survive unjust prison confinement, motivate others when times were bleak, and become president of South Africa. It was very fascinating to read about the life of a great personality.


He was born in a small village in rural South Africa, his father passed away when he was a small child,and he was brought up by his uncle-who was a tribal chief. As a child he went to the best schools a black man could go to. He valued educations, but mentions how society and the education system were wrought with white supremacy. He runs away from home along with his cousin to avoid getting married to someone he didn't like, he carries a gun along with him and is apprehended by the police but manages to convince them to release him.

BOOK REVIEW: "Long Walk to Freedom" by Nelson Mandela

In the city he takes up small jobs to make ends meet and pursues his law studies through correspondence. While working as a clerk in a law firm he is introduced to the ideals and principles of the ANC-African National Congress.

He gets increasingly involved with the ANC and becomes an important member of it. He writes how oppressive apartheid was-black people lived in ghettos and needed passes to commute any where. But he also mentions his own mistakes- how he used to get carried away when he used to give speeches and argue cases. In the freedom struggle when they try everything and nothing works against the white government they decide to start a militant organisation.

Mandela acknowledges that he was part of the decision making process;he expresses surprise when he is conferred the Nobel Prize because he had started a militant organisation.

He goes on a world tour collecting funds. He comes back and is in hiding when he is caught by the police. He is sentenced to life imprisonment. In the prison also there is discrimination between indian prisoners and black prisoners.

In jail he is offered shorts to wear-because blacks were considered boys-but refuses to wear them, so the prison guards give him a choice to wear shorts or undergo solitary confinement for a few days.

He chooses solitary confinement but after a few days he pleads with the security guards to let him out. It is fascinating how even in prison there are liberal jailers too.

He develops an interest in gardening and pursues his education from prison. He mentions how while he was severely tested he too questioned his own choice of joining the freedom struggle.

There are certain thinks in his life you can relate to-like the mistakes he has made or the challenges he has faced-and can take solace and confidence from the fact that everybody faces them in life.

But there are qualities in him-like the fact that he had the confidence to disagrees with Gandhi regarding the form of freedom struggle and choose to start a militant organisation, even when he hadn't been acknowledged as a great leader and could have been branded a terrorist; having the will power to believe in a cause for so long; having the courage to be honest about his life-which I can't relate to.

I think this is what makes him great in my eyes and he is an inspiration to me. See all reviews.

Long Walk To Freedom Summary

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This item: Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela.

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Michelle Obama. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Notorious RBG: Irin Carmon. The Devil's Highway: A True Story. Luis Alberto Urrea. The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe: If you want to be remembered, you must learn to challenge authority. Would you like to be mentored by Nelson Mandela? If you want to save this summary for later, download the free PDF and read it whenever you want. As I was reading through these blinks, the theme of violence vs. He was the first person in his family to go to school, which is also where his teacher Miss Mdigane gave him his British name Nelson — the reason for which he never found out but guessed it had something to do with Lord Nelson.

From the very start of his education, Nelson Mandela realized that this was the true path to freedom.

1. Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

He studied so hard that he finished his junior certificate at Healdtown College within two years, instead of the usual three. At 19 years old, he then attended Fort Hare College, where he studied English, politics, anthropology, native administration and law.

That is, until he got expelled for supporting a major student boycott two years later. Google Scholar Freire, P. Pedagogy of the oppressed M. Ramos, Trans.

Harmondsworth: Penguin Books. Google Scholar Hinzen, H. The Tanzanian experience: Education for liberation and development.

Google Scholar Mandela, N.

Long walk to freedom. A critical analysis of views on the ideal education for Africa. Reflection on perspectives of four theorists. Google Scholar Nelson Mandela Foundation. Retrieved from www.Which is why, at the end of the 20th century, while some Western commentators were declaring the end of history and the inevitable triumph of liberal democracy and the virtues of the global supply chain, so many missed signs of a brewing backlash — a backlash that arrived in so many forms.

And I believe this not just based on sentiment, I believe it based on hard evidence. We've got to bring more resources to the forgotten pockets of the world through investment and entrepreneurship, because there is talent everywhere in the world if given an opportunity.

Writers, creatives, entrepreneurs, actors, academics, you name a field, I can tell you a person I admire in it. We've got to bring more resources to the forgotten pockets of the world through investment and entrepreneurship, because there is talent everywhere in the world if given an opportunity. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. He kept up the fight.