Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. The game is once again afoot in this thrilling mystery from the bestselling author of The House of Silk, sanctioned by the Conan Doyle estate, which explores. Fan of Sherlock Holmes? Read Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz, bestselling author of the Alex Rider series and Holmes adventure, The House of Silk. Sherlock.

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Two detectives descend on the scene: At the urging of Chase, Moriarty's body is searched for a letter from Clarence Devereux - an American criminal mastermind believed to be in England to join forces with Moriarty.

A letter written in se Several days after Sherlock Holmes and criminal mastermind Professor Moriarty go over the Reichenbach Falls, a dead body - identified as Moriarty - is fished out of the water.

A letter written in secret code is found. Luckily, Athelny Jones - who has intensely studied Holmes' methods - is able to decipher the letter, which has the time and place of a meeting between the evil masterminds.

Hoping that Devereux believes Moriarty is still alive Chase impersonates Moriarty at the meeting while Jones is set to follow anyone who shows up. This maneuver leads the detectives to Devereux's gang and a series of clues point to the location of the American criminal genius, who is essentially untouchable. There's much murder and mayhem in the wake of the detectives' investigations and they work valiantly to nab Devereux while endangering their own lives.

Anthony Horowitz

This is especially harrowing for Jones, who has a wife and young child dependent on him - but he and Chase forge ahead to a dramatic climax and finale. Sherlock Holmes fans will recognize many nods to the original stories in this worthy 'sequel', which is entertaining and clever and has the feel of 'real' Sherlock Holmes stories. Highly recommended to fans of the original tales. You can follow my reviews at https: Unfortunately, I could not get my hands on it. When I received the review copy of Moriarty from the publishers, I was really excited to get into it.

The Story picks up from the Reichenbach Falls, where Sherlock Holmes and his arch-nemesis meet their end. Pinkerton agent Frederick Chase and Inspector Athelney Jones of Scotland Yard join up to solve the case of the new mastermind who takes up the criminal vacuum left by Moriarty.

From a scrap of paper with his name on it to the real person that Clarence Devereux is, the author builds up a new character for the two detectives to follow and take down. Will they succeed or will the loss of Sherlock Holmes give the criminal world to rise again? A Sherlock Holmes book with very little about Sherlock Holmes! Yes, this book takes the canon world to a whole new level. Well read it and judge it for yourself. My experience with this book was unbelievable. Once I realized the turn the author was taking with the book, I was in shock for most part of it.

All of a sudden all my expectations had taken a whole new level and I have to admit that the book fulfills it all and then some. The characters of Frederick Chase and Athelney Jones are well created and developed throughout the book. Frederick Chase on the other hand brings in a different flavor. Together they form quite a formidable duo. The plot on the other hand is something out of a Conan Doyle novel.

The hardcore mystery buffs can play the Whodunnit game right along the 2 detectives and I have to admit that most of my guesses turned out wrong. Yes, this is a great mystery that had the better of me and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride it took me for.

This is certainly one of the best books that I have read this year and this is certainly the best Sherlock Holmes cannon that I have read. View 1 comment. I listened to this on audio and enjoyed it very much. I would never have thought that a story about Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty could be told without featuring either one of them, but here it is.

The narration on this is terrific and I thought the story great fun, even if I did miss Holmes and Watson. View all 4 comments. Oct 06, J. Grice rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another unbelievable Sherlock Holmes installment from Anthony Horowitz. This man is amazing! View all 3 comments. I love Doyle. I adore Holmes and Watson. The television shows, old and new This book. I can understand why others might like it. If I were stuck on a plane for 3 hours I'd be happy enough reading it. But otherwise, I'd like me time back, please.

There were a number of disappointments, but in general if the words weren't supposed to be from Victorian times, they would have been okay. The crisp language of Doyle though, is not reproduced I love Doyle. The crisp language of Doyle though, is not reproduced. And granted, this is not a sin. Writers take a modern tone with historical pieces all the time.

I thought there was also a problem with the pacing and lack of drama and lack of foreshadowing. I had to draaaaag myself through the first ish pages. After which the action started. I was intrigued. Excited even. Right up until the point where the author betrayed me as a reader. I might have been if there had been some foreshadowing and puzzling occurrences.

But I felt it was just dropped on me out of the blue. That's not clever. I think you'll enjoy it more that way. Professor Moriarty, by Sidney Paget. Strand Magazine, Public Domain. Horowitz is an extraordinary story teller.

He knows how to build suspense, create an atmosphere of dread, etc. He also knows how to craft a story that could have been written by Arthur Conan Doyle himself. It's full of authentic details and characters right out of the Sherlock Holmes stories. The Major Players His characters are real and believable. Frederick Chase, an American Pinkerton inspector, comes to the United Kingdom to track down some American gangsters who have taken refuge in England.

In particular he's after Clarence Devereux, the evil crime mastermind who he believes to be responsible for the execution style murder of Chase's subordinate, Jonathan Pilgrim.

He's also interested in tracking down some of Devereux's lieutenants, such as the nasty Mortlake brothers, Edgar and Leland. He arrives in Britain the very week of the apparent deaths of Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty.

They engaged in mortal combat on the edge of the terrible Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland. Professor Moriarty was seen to fall presumably to his death. Sherlock Holmes is missing and presumed dead.

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Jones seems like a godsend to Chase. He's emulated the methods of Sherlock Holmes and is brilliant at noticing and interpreting clues. Chase persuades Jones that Devereux is an evil man. The two quickly join forces. Jones has a little daughter, Beatrice, and a very astute wife, Elspeth. The two detectives encounter many evil doings and unspeakable crimes as they wend their way through London looking for Devereux, who is rumored to suffer from agoraphobia. I won't say more to avoid spoiling the story.

Surprising, but Disappointing, Ending Let's just say that the ending truly caught me by surprise. Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention, but I'm not usually totally astonished by the ending of a crime novel. So kudos to Horowitz for that coup. While the book was excellent up to its last few chapters, somehow the denouement for reasons I can't discuss to avoid spoiling it felt like a let down.

I also can't entirely pinpoint the reasons for my dissatisfaction with the ending, although I have some ideas. Again, I don't want to spoil the book, so I won't even go there. The disappointing ending is the reason I can't give the book four stars, which I most certainly would have done until the last few chapters. Do read it, if you like Sherlock Holmes. If nothing else, it will surprise you. His one stumble was having the American Chase pronounce boulevard as "boolevard", something I don't think even we American rubes would do.

It's unclear whether Derek Jacobi was also one of the audio readers. The description doesn't credit him, but he's listed on the Overdrive download, so who knows? I thought I heard his voice, but maybe it was Rhind-Tutt.

View 2 comments. May 25, Diane rated it really liked it Shelves: What a great continuation of the Sherlock Holmes story! Moriarty picks up after Sherlock Holmes' presumed death at the Reichenbach Falls. This new novel by Horowitz follows Detective Athelney Jones and Pinkerton agent Frederick Chase as they investigate a new crime syndicate that is taking over London. I'll be honest: I spent the first half of the book enjoying the story but thinking this was a three-star mystery.

But the turn of events in the last quarter of the book made me appreciate it more a What a great continuation of the Sherlock Holmes story! But the turn of events in the last quarter of the book made me appreciate it more and I think it's worth four stars.

Very excited to see what other stories flow from his pen. Highly recommended for fans of Sherlock Holmes. Opening Passage "Does anyone really believe what happened at the Reichenbach Falls? A great many accounts have been written but it seems to me that all of them have left something to be desired — which is to say, the truth. Nov 01, Book Riot Community added it. He brings a new twist to them, exploring and expanding upon the canon.

And he has a real gift for unsettling the reader. Moriarty is much more difficult than The House of Silk to write about. Moriarty is an excellent book I think? This is almost entirely down to expectations. As such, there are expectations of tone that this book doesn't quite meet. It is difficult to knock that though, because if it was an exact match Moriarty is much more difficult than The House of Silk to write about.

It is difficult to knock that though, because if it was an exact match in tone, then people would complain that Jones and Chase were merely Holmes and Watson with different names even more than they are. To me, the largest problem is the expectation that there is a specific mystery to solve. Here we have Moriarty and Holmes both dead, and our two investigators are after an American named Devereux.

But as readers, we know something is wrong. I mean, look at the name of the book. So by the middle of the book, we still don't feel like we have identified the real mystery. As a reader, I was asking a series of questions: The trouble is that neither of our MCs are asking those questions, which makes one want to reach into the pages and smack around the MCs so they will do what we want.

So much of that is due to expectations though, and not necessarily the fault of the book. Or maybe the book is at fault, but I can't be objective about that at this point. The end of this book is great, and to the author's credit, there are some very very subtle hints along the way that point to answers to the questions I was actually asking as the reader instead of the ones the MCs were pursuing.

Subtle enough that I actually flipped back to a couple of places to check that they really were there and the explanation at the end wasn't just nonsense. If you can set aside your expectations for a traditional Holmes book I knew Holmes wasn't in this, and mistakenly thought I had , there is a lot to like about this story.

Just know that your major questions do get answered and enjoy the ride. Book with a passport. Thankee dear thing. I look forward to it.

Between butchering Sherlock Holmes and turning the well-hacked corpse of James Bond to puree, Anthony Horowitz cast his beady eye on Professor Moriarty. A creation of Arthur Conan Doyle, Moriarty barely features in canon but has taken on a life of his own in adaptations, pastiches, parodies, and tributes of all stripes.

The Napoleon of Crime, his name is almost as well-known as that of the great detective. So Horowitz presents us with a story in the Conanical universe featuring Inspectors Atheln Between butchering Sherlock Holmes and turning the well-hacked corpse of James Bond to puree, Anthony Horowitz cast his beady eye on Professor Moriarty. Lestrade among others, and traces of Holmes and Watson, who do not actually appear until the end.

Holmes and Moriarty have plunged over the Reichenbach falls and are presumed dead. Holmes, we know, is not really dead but Moriarty, we are told, probably is. Here, look: No suspicions are aroused. What case? Never mind. He goes about deciphering it, with lots of careful step-by-step illustrations straight out of Spy File that cool brown Filofax, remember?! Anyway, the two men set out to find the shady Devereux gang, which has been trying to form a transatlantic criminal alliance with Moriarty.

There follows a spectacularly dull orgy of violence and pointlessly inserted research. Still, there are some unfortunate lines: Oh, and there are clues!

If you have not worked out who is the criminal by the end of chapter 3, if every clue does not cry out at you in all its contrived and clunking glory, then you have not been paying attention. Back then, it was revolutionary. Now, unless done in a completely novel way which that other writer did, in fact, decades later , it is hackneyed.

Horowitz seems to have decided that the most failsafe way of making it work was to actually rip off entire passages of the novel in question. As the narrator explains the solution, and how the reader was deceived ho ho , he virtually quotes the other text.

Whodunit, howdunit, and howescapedfromdanger are all straight out of existing Agatha Christie novels: So what new and exciting things can Horowitz bring to the franchise, or even the genre?

Perhaps an open-minded 21st century awareness that racism, sexism, homophobia, and class struggle were staples of the late Victorian period, and that they can be presented in a constructively critical way…? Moriarty nominally avoids this problem by omitting women altogether. Conan Doyle, by no means a conscientious feminist, managed to put more women into his narratives than Horowitz, and his women at least did something. The reluctant condescension with which Horowitz acknowledges that women exist would have made John Buchan arch an eyebrow.

The book is not worse than its predecessor. It is slightly less offensive in content, and the writing has even improved. The murder mystery element might be easy to solve but the author does succeed in creating one baffling riddle: How does he keep getting commissioned? Mar 19, F. Faux Sherlock Holmes has been a thing practically since the creation of Sherlock Holmes. The originals were almost immediately ridiculously popular, so of course there were imitations.

So many of them that ITV once ran a whole series adapting contemporaneous imitations of Sherlock Holmes. Having given us his Sherlock Holmes in the actually no Faux Sherlock Holmes has been a thing practically since the creation of Sherlock Holmes. If you get chance, please visit my blog at frjameson. Jul 26, Bonnie rated it liked it Shelves: A criminal strain ran in his blood. Moriarty brings to life occurrences following the disappearance of the duo after they vanished into the mist of Reichenbach Falls, Switzerland.

When the trail leads Chase to Reichenbach Falls where Inspector Athelney Jones of Scotland Yard is investigating the incident, the two inevitably team up to assist one another. Leaving Switzerland, Chase and Jones travel back to London intent on determining the identity of Devereux but shortly into their investigation, the brutality begins.

Their first key witness is brutally murdered as well as his entire household with no apparent reasoning behind the extravagant violence. Dark and dangerous, the longer the search continues the more mysterious things begin to appear. The mystery felt very jerky and was missing a cohesive flow in comparison to Silk. The evidence that Jones would find which inevitably took them to the next location to search for more clues felt like they were being pulled out of thin air rather than when Holmes would discover evidence and would then rationalize how he came to that conclusion it always led to an a-ha!

Jones modeled his life and habits after Holmes and made a decent attempt at learning his tricks of the trade and while he might have transformed himself into a clever copy he was still highly identifiable as far from the real thing.

I had my suspicions that all was not as it appeared, and I was right, but my guesses were still far from the truth. Moriarty definitely felt less authentic as a pastiche than Silk did but for Holmes fans looking for anything to scratch that itch, this will satisfy it albeit temporarily.

This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. May 26, Cherie rated it liked it. This just fell flat for me, the absence of Sherlock is a major issue. The pacing was really slow, and it contained a lot of "saying" or "telling" instead of "showing.

I wish Horowitz had written another Sherlock novel and stuck to the formula that worked so well in "The House of Silk" instead. Moriarty is the follow up, but not a direct sequel, to the book The House of Silk. It takes place immediately after the infamous events at the Reichenbach Falls, in which both Holmes and Moriarty are thought to have plummeted to their deaths in a violent watery grave. I believe this was a bold move by Anthony Horowitz as he presents us with a Sherlock Holmes novel minus Sherlock Holmes himself.

The synopsis does sound very intriguing. Moriarty is thought to be dead but there is little rest f Moriarty is the follow up, but not a direct sequel, to the book The House of Silk.

See a Problem?

Moriarty is thought to be dead but there is little rest for the streets of London because there is another big cheese criminal mastermind running the show; Mr Clarence Devereux from America has snuck in. Our narrator is Frederick Chase who does an average job of filling in for Dr Watson.

His opening line pulls you in: He immediately creates mystery surrounding the deaths and for the first hundred pages it works. I was hooked. We are given brief glimpses at the brutal new criminal, Clarence Devereux, who is made to sound infinitely more worse than Moriarty. The books good guy is Athelney Jones, a Sherlock Holmes wanna be, who is doing his best to fill the great detectives shoes. The major issue with this book is the absence of Holmes.

What makes Moriarty such a brilliant bad guy is his duelling relationship with Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes on his own is good enough for any book, throw in Moriarty and you have an even better book.

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But Moriarty by himself turns the book into a borefest. Clarence Devereux is never really believable as a devious crime lord, especially one said to be more evil than Moriarty.

During his appearances he comes across as a whining, pathetic cheap imitation.

It was a nice idea but the execution was poor. What Horowitz should have written is another Sherlock Holmes Novel and stuck to the formula that worked so well in the House of Silk. Very disappointing. Feb 25, AziaMinor rated it it was amazing Shelves: Anthony Horowitz has managed it again!

What starts out as a normal mystery after the death of Sherlock Holmes turns into a full blown conspiracy were you have no idea how it all comes together - until it does and you're left with a sense of "holy hell how did I not see this coming???? I would recomm Completely. I would recommend this book along with its companion The House of Silk for anyone looking for a true Sherlock mystery.

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Sherlock Holmes is missing and presumed dead.

Four Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Jussi Adler-Olsen. William Boyd. Moriarty A Novel by Anthony Horowitz. Crimson Shore.