A hilarious take on just about everything associated with the dog and pony show of air travel. Seamlessly integrating flying tips with quirky. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Cheeky" -The Boston Globe. "[This book] will make you laugh out site Store; ›; site eBooks; ›; Humor & Entertainment. Aisle Be Damned: Swaying Hips, Praying Lips and Flying Tips eBook: Rishi Piparaiya: site Store.

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Aisle Be Damned book. Read 80 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. *NATIONAL BESTSELLER*A Hilarious Take on just about Everything. 2SRZHPELZL ~ Aisle Be Damned: Swaying hips, praying lips and flying Tips / i have got study inside my personal daily life and could be he best pdf for at. Read Online Now aisle be damned rishi piparaiya Ebook PDF at our Library. Get aisle be damned rishi piparaiya PDF file for free from our online library.

It has the right share of fun, information, insight and advise. Read the full review here: Read the book inflight. Extremely Hilarious and it sure does make people look back at you as you will be too busy laughing. A solid laugh riot - well-thought out and bursting with anecdotes that draw from insightful personal experience. Dec 08, VaultOfBooks rated it really liked it. Call it the man-syndrome and blame the genetic make-up for us that claim ancestry to Mars but we cannot resist a book that has the swaying hips and perfectly formed derriere of an air-hostess in a screaming red mini-skirt on its cover.

Got your knees weak, did I? The book is deep as far as pearls of wisdom and philosophical meandering pontificating go. Well, if you care for gems that make you crack up in the middle of an intense quiet meeting place just thinking about it. Now that you think of it, based in the skies should cover it. Does he have to specify 38, feet high? Over India? Once you are up there, everything looks like dots and squiggly lines, right? If airports are white paint on grey concrete, then the rest of the land must be a big brown smear of nerolac paint splashed in unruly patches with green blobs of Asian royale, right?

Why be specific? You get the voice — it is unbelievably droll. Not charming.

Aisle Be Damned: The crazy world of airline travel

Just plain droll in the beginning. What do you care for an over-worked executive who starts right off the bat by giving you instructions on how to pack your holiday bags or live-off-your-suitcase-in-a-studio-room-till-my-next-consulting-assignment happens-and so need to fly from one place to another. Till the author breaks down the walls and works around you with his witty repartees on pretty much any incident that you would have had on board the airlines or airport and charmingly disarms you and then you find yourselves just trying hard to hold it together and give yourself away with that tiny bit of smiles and then break out in completely uncontrolled guffaws that might scare a male gorilla trying to outmatch you in its mating dance-ritual into submission.

I love the structure of the book — in that, the author maintains a very linear form starting with packing and on-boarding — slips in some extremely practical no-nonsense suggestions about how to get best results say like upgrading to Business Class by charming the pants off the staff at the counter and making her give you that upgrade along with other stuff!

The voice and tone for the whole book remains firmly tongue-in-cheek, poking massive digs at the gaffes in the airline industry, Bollywood stars, Corporate executives the big business tycoons are referred to as the fat cats in this rat race, talk about poetic justice huh and pretty much everything and everyone that you are likely to encounter during an air-flight.

You know what worked for the book? And we identify with the tone. The massive heaps of sarcastic dung-bombs that the author is letting fly is actually like a catharsis for our pent-up emotions.

He makes a fine mockery of the inefficiencies in the airline industry and yet manages to cram in all that delightful little side shows that form an integral part of our flying experience. The alcoholic binge sessions with those multi-colour chutku bottles of VAT69 and the pink wine experiments, the bawling kids who never shut up, the bathroom faucet that is leaky, the stewardess who gives you that frosty-nosed stares, the nubile young thing male or female depending on who is reading!

We have experienced all that. The author fits all this into a book — the size of a mini-lonely-planet-guide-book — on flying and getting the most out of it. I termed it a stress buster and a killer way of relaxing before catching your next flight. Laughing is a good way to unwind and this book gives you that in heaps.

Heartily recommended. Originally reviewed at Vaultofbooks. We are looking for perceptive readers who can write well, and we are eager to provide lots of free books in exchange for reviews. Shoot us a mail at contact vaultofbooks.

Feb 25, Sandy Chris rated it it was ok. It was OK. A good attempt at humor, though it did not reach me. But a good, handy book. I have just kept "Aisle Be Damned" aside after reading it for straight 3 hours. If you say what actually made me read this book, I can easily say its the cover page. It's quite sexy I would say. Many have read it and said that it's a book that will make you ROFL throughout- from the first page to the last.

But if you ask me, I would say not more than incidents have mad I have just kept "Aisle Be Damned" aside after reading it for straight 3 hours.

But if you ask me, I would say not more than incidents have made me laugh. Well, I am not judging those who laughed out loud while reading the book but I am just saying "book could have been FAR better". It's Rishi Piparaiya's first book and hence there should be little strictness been swayed away while criticizing a book.

Debut authors don't really know what would be accepted and what not. They write their best while experimenting something new but some times it does not work or it turns into 5 Point Someone. As soon as I begun reading this book, I got a feel that I am reading a book that I have never before read. Author has surely experimented a new kind of a book- a satire on everyone related to traveling by aeroplane.

Reward Yourself

He has taken dig at almost everyone- starting from captain to air-hostess to passenger to celebrity to industrialists. He has mentioned almost everything that happens while flying in the air but may be I didn't find it that funny because I have never been on flight.

I am sure that if I'll travel even once in a flight, I'll rate this book more than what I would be rating it today. Because what I have drawn from other reviews on Goodreads and Flipkart, almost all the people who enjoyed this book has traveled by airlines; as they have mentioned it.

I have been a victim of being middle-class. Well, some day I can say that this book would become funny even to me but for now I am quite taken aback as I have great trust on Jaico Publication and I didn't expect to feel underwhelmed after reading any of their book.

Author has divided the incidents appropriately which makes it easy to understand them. He has even depicted few of the gigs through pictorial representations that's interesting. He has made several references of live events that we have heard in news which makes it little interactive. Author tells how one has to deal with air-hostess, celebrities- if by chance they sit besides you, normal passengers, how couples see each other if they are to sit in different rows etc.

It covers almost every aspect of air traveling which I loved reading. He has even discussed the confusion that one meets at airport while searching for their luggage and baggage etc. In all, I would say it's a fine attempt and hence I will give it 2. I will just ask everyone to read this book only after you have traveled by flight once else you may not enjoy it in the same air in which author has written it.

About the Book: This book provides invaluable perspectives on some of the most common situations encountered by fliers. A must read as you prepare for, or take your next flight! About the Author: The moment I saw this book, I was immediately taken in by its unusual cover page and the title. Both do justice to the theme of this book. The humour is not forced. What really works in this book is that the author has pulled out some common observations which anyone with air travel experience can relate to.

I finished this book in one sitting and laughed a lot till the end. Every person who has done a bi The moment I saw this book, I was immediately taken in by its unusual cover page and the title. Every person who has done a bit of air travel will get the humour in this book. By virtue of being a frequent traveler, the author offers loads of wisdom and suggestions on how to make the most of your air travel, peppered with plenty of humour.

He has thought of everything, right from the baggage trolleys to airport, the boarding strategies to seats one must opt for, trivia and funny anecdotes related to air travel from around the world, and several such pieces that will tickle your funny bone.

He tells you stuff like when are the business tycoons likely to travel, how can you get your economy class ticket upgraded to business class, how to choose your seat well, how to handle immigration officer, etc. The author confesses at one point that several publishers found this book niche, but air travel has become so common that I am certain there is a huge target audience for this book. It was a fun book to read, except perhaps the last chapter [Commerce, Literature and Zen] which looks a little forced.

The book is perfect without that extra chapter. You must pick it up if you are feeling a little down or feeling stressed, this book will instantly perk you up. This can also make a nice gift. The only prerequisite for enjoying this book is a little experience of air travel. It is one of those books which you can pick any time [even after you have read it], read random lines again; and it will still give you a few laughs.

Here are few funny lines from the book: You can see the nuts and bolts in his brain rasping, straining to draw some correlation to the grotesque face in the photograph and the pasted smile standing in front of him, but there is none……. Okay, thanks for letting me know. Because I usually love to drink water from bathrooms.

He has no monthly goals, no boss and all his colleagues are hot. The job calls for some travel yes, but stay is at luxury hotels, meals are included and life is one long MTV Grind party. Oct 02, Abhinand rated it it was amazing. This guide book as I see, talks everything that one would encounter with air travel.

I think no one can ever advice better with the essential packing list to ensure a safe and pleasant journey. Reading this book will ensure a new experience with your next travel even if you had been an air traveler by birth. His guidelines to dress yourself like a business class for an upgrade, the FIFO and LIFO principles in the bus, whether to choose the window or the aisle seat, pros and cons of all three sections, how to snatch the portions of the armrest when sitting in the center seat, the water bottle test and so many other intriguing tips.

It will make you to note all so far gone unnoticed things around you. This is not a book which I think one can give any absurd excuse to pause the reading for a while to read the rest later. Few pages will make you want to read it again in time. One read will make you include this book in your packing list. Reading this book as you travel will make your journey hilarious.

The author has chosen not-so-complex writing style. There is humor in each page and each word. The next time you step into the airport, your only focus will be in all the stuff that the author has discussed here. Your journey will never be the same anymore. A must read for frequent travelers and also those who are yet to make their first travel. Firstly, the book blurb is catchy. It arouses curiosity. The suaveness of the cover page further adds to the anticipation.

In short, one look is enough for anyone to pick the book and stretch their legs for a read. What matters is what awaits moving forward… The book is thoughtfully bifurcated into different chapters; the chapter heads are equally interesting. And the beauty is the book tur Firstly, the book blurb is catchy.

And the beauty is the book turns out to be everything it promises. It meets all our expectations and startles us with its out-of-the-world witty and catchy narrative style.

Your stomach churns because you have laughed aloud a lot. Your parents pray to God that no evil spirits have cussed on you. Whereas, you fervently laugh more. This is not an overstatement.

The beauty of this book is that it will appeal to all. Frequent air-travelers… Those who have flew very few times… And the rest of the chunk who wich they had flied and hope optimistically that they fly someday. This book is all about airplanes… From the moment you see the airport to the moment you drive off the airport from your destination.

The author has emphasized on almost every aspects that the book become addictive. It is simply un-put-down-able! The book can be finished in one go and in no time you will be left wondering how time fluttered so easily and rapidly.

The book is a joyride… In the air… Midst of clouds… Swaying hips… Praying hips! I am seriously in love with this book! This book can be addictive and obsessive.

Should you read it? Doubtlessly… The book is awesome. It gives us everything that it promises. And enjoy the joy ride! Have you ever travelled by air? If yes, then this book is a must read for you. If not, then this book is a must read for you, too. I was looking for a light read and found this book through site's newsletter.

God bless them..!! The title "Aisle be Damned: And I must say I do not regret even a little bit. I was surprised to find out that this is the first book penned by Rishi Piparaiya who, as Have you ever travelled by air? I was surprised to find out that this is the first book penned by Rishi Piparaiya who, as a seasoned flier, has an experience of more than a thousand flights under his belt.

The book grabs attention from the beginning with an essential packing list which, surprisingly, includes things like machine oil, a sack of birdseed and a stink bomb. And you wonder, why would anyone need these..?? It gradually moves on to more relevant topics like boarding strategy, flight safety and co-passenger conversations.

Download Aisle Be Damned: Swaying Hips Praying Lips and Flying Tips Ebook Free

Each chapter includes a great collection of hilarious anecdotes and tips related to air travel offered by Rishi in a very straight-forward and exaggerated yet entertaining manner and keeps the reader hooked till the very last page.

Nov 01, Hemantkumar Jain rated it really liked it. A fun read I actually read this while flying Delhi-Mumbai The book is well written and Rishi has maintained the humor quotient high. I would recommend this book to any frequent air traveler anyone who is flying around almost every month — taking more than 8 flights in a year qualifies. You should definitely read this book … and like me, having a frequent air traveler myself, i could identify with everything that Rishi wrote in his book about flying cattle-class and business class.

You should definitely read this book … and like me, read it on a flight. It will entertain you … and even promote the book amongst other fliers. For those who don't fly at all or fly occasionally a couple of times year, this book will provide you with entertainment for sure BUT you may not be able to relate to the content or 'feel' it. The strength of this book is the high level of 'identification' and 'emotions' it churns up in a frequent flier.

Dec 12, Sangita Sinha rated it really liked it. It's hilarious account of a corporate passenger with too many miles and too many hours at the airport. Rishi has the knack of picking nuances of passengers, old or young, married or unmarried, novice or frequent fliers.

His observations keep you engaged and many a times you will have an embarrassed smile on your face. You know exactly what he is talking about.

Moreover, it's a pun intended at us. Novel has an astounding start but sl "Aisle Be Damned" is Rishi Piparaiya's take on aviation industry. Novel has an astounding start but slowly and steadily it shifts base to fault-finding. However that is a small price to pay otherwise.

Do not be fooled by the title as author himself says there is a space for dreamers and for the pragmatic ones. He advocates dreamers but ends preferring pragmatic ones. I would say, little too much of laying faith on mere airport seats. Nevertheless, it's a small glitch and it tickles your funny bone to no end.

This one novel is must download for all the travelers, novice or frequent ones. Novice might learn a trick or two and frequent ones will get their laughs. I just bought this book yesterday at the airport and couldn't wait to finish reading. While I was reading during my flight, the endless humour made me laugh-out-loud even though I was travelling alone and the people around including the attendants were giving me 'are u even serious' looks!!!

The best was carrying of spice box coz I have always hated eating in-flight food and try to carry something packed from home. Well now Mr. Piparaiya has given another better and 'compact' way to eat.

D The b I just bought this book yesterday at the airport and couldn't wait to finish reading. D The book is obviously awesome after all those reviews on cover and here and other places I am not aware of and is a must must must read. If you are a frequent flyer you would enjoy and relinquish every bit of the book.

If you haven't 'suffered' through many flights, you will get insights and be prepared when you become a FF.

Try to keep a good imagination while reading and then try to contemplate 'visually' doing things from this book Thank you Mr. Piparaiya for this book and hoping to read the next book soon. I'm glad I wasn't on an airplane when I was reading this, because the number of times I actually laughed out loud would have had all my co-passengers believing I was a madman. Rishi Piparaiya has a very keen sense of observation and an even keener sense of satire.

He covers everything from getting off the taxi and using a trolley for your luggage to landing and finding a taxi outside the airport - and he covers them all in the most hilarious of ways. The images all funnily captioned, by the way I'm glad I wasn't on an airplane when I was reading this, because the number of times I actually laughed out loud would have had all my co-passengers believing I was a madman. The images all funnily captioned, by the way go well with the fluid text and add to the hilarity of the book.

This is a short, one-sitting read that is bound to have you in splits multiple times in the less than two-hour period it takes to read the book cover to cover. A must download for all frequent fliers out there!

Aisle Be Damned: The crazy world of airline travel

Any frequent flyer. This book proved beyond doubt that the author has sucked his brains out to analyse the different feelings that air travellers have usually as well those which are rarest of rare.

I must admit that most of the points covered are rational and I wonder why I never thought about them even after having completed more than 50 flights. Although a few incidents covered are humorous yet many incidents compelled me to think about them in my next flight.

Further, the author has enlisted several clever ways This book proved beyond doubt that the author has sucked his brains out to analyse the different feelings that air travellers have usually as well those which are rarest of rare.

Further, the author has enlisted several clever ways to obtain better or more peaceful service during air travel. This book is a casual read and apt for air journeys. It'll succeed in killing ur time and at the same time provide you some out of the box facts about air travel.

Nuances made in this book made me feel that there's someone else who has the same perspective as that of mine. Booking next flight ticket and the way you look at it, analyze it would never be the same.

I thank author for making me quickly go through his experiences in life and same goes with all the authors, with every book you read, you learn someone's lifelong experience and learn from someone else's mistakes.

Overall a good experience, mere page book so won't consume much of your time and can be finished at one go so should be read by everyone! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Videos About This Book. More videos About Rishi Piparaiya.

Rishi Piparaiya. Rishi Piparaiya is a bestselling humor author with close to two decades of work experience as a flunky, mid-manager, and C-suite executive with multinational corporations. Renouncing the corporate life while at the helm of his career, Rishi has been pursuing his interest in writing and actively promotes his satires through his mouthpiece domain Damned. Rishi also mentors students and start-up Rishi Piparaiya is a bestselling humor author with close to two decades of work experience as a flunky, mid-manager, and C-suite executive with multinational corporations.

Rishi also mentors students and start-up entrepreneurs, is an angel investor and an influencer in the corporate realm. His first book Aisle Be Damned is a national bestseller.

Books by Rishi Piparaiya. She swished the water around her mouth and swallowed, feeling better for it. Her pregnancy stash was decaffeinated and contained about half the normal amount of sugar, but Tootie insisted it still counted. Margot stuck the straw between her lips and sucked in a mouthful of the earthy, hypersweetened drink.

Setting the glass on the nightstand, she lay down next to Kyle on the bed. She snuggled into his shirt, enjoying the warmth against her face. She sort of missed its inclusion in his spicy, woodsy scent, but the absence of vomiting was pretty important to her peace of mind. He tilted his head. She was an event planner, for goodness sake. She was an expert in tablescapes and floral design and catering plans.

But now that it was reality, she was frozen in indecision. There was no venue available in Lake Sackett that she wanted. So now her wedding slate was full of endless possibilities.

She tried to picture herself walking down the aisle in a big white dress in front of all their friends and family, and the very idea seemed to make her brain recoil into itself like a snail.

Everybody has all of these really helpful suggestions as to how they can be involved in the wedding. Delilah Dawkins offered to be a bridesmaid. Just imagine the dress possibilities. This is our wedding.

And I could ride up in the casket elevator to make a special entrance. It had been a shock, finding out they were pregnant so soon into their relationship.

Kyle had changed a lot of things in her life. So why was she dragging her feet about a day that was a celebration of everything she was gaining? Someone could lose an eye.

You should get back there before poor Miss Clarice hates me even more. She propped herself up on her elbows as Kyle climbed out of bed. Do me a favor and stop being so mean to your mom. Wear your poncho!And then I meet Adrianna A sassy as hell free-spirited stripper. For those who don't fly at all or fly occasionally a couple of times year, this book will provide you with entertainment for sure BUT you may not be able to relate to the content or 'feel' it.

Other Editions 3. As the book unfolded from chapter to chapter, I wanted to send him message after message, about how to get an upgrade, FIFO, LIFO, warning him to watch out for the time spent by the pilot in the loo and so on… The next time, he is on a flight I am going to make sure that he takes the list of helpful essentials that Rishi has put down in the beginning of the book.

Pay close attention to the local language version -- you obviously can't understand what he is saying but observe the reactions of the passengers. About The Book Sexy school principal Kyle faces the biggest challenge of his career: getting his pregnant event planner girlfriend Margot down the aisle before the baby arrives! This is a delightful and humorous foray into the world of air travel based on the author's experiences and observations while on his numerous voyages as an "over-worked and over-traveled corporate executive".

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