Avengers ( - Present) . ( - ) · Amazing Spider-Girl ( - ) · Amazing Spider-Man & Silk: The Spider(fly) Effect Infinite Comic (). Download and read free comics and comic books on your iPhone, iPad, site Fire, Android, Free Comic Book Day Avengers/Captain America #1. The Avengers is a team of superheroes, appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The team made its debut in The Avengers #1.

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(DOCTOR PYM, GiANT-MAN,. GOLiATH, YELLOWJACKET,. THE WASP). Avengers () #1. The Wasp. Avengers () #1. Thor. Avengers () #1. This comic can be downloaded form thepiratesbay or any other torrent provider. But, you have to download a CBR (comic book reader) software to read these. Every Marvel comic to prepare you for the MCU's Avengers: Endgame, from Captain Marvel to Thanos.

Not only is the Infinity Gauntlet story almost entirely a cosmic story, but some very substantial cosmic beings get involved.

While it would be cool to see such epic characters in the MCU, this movie is pretty backed as it is. This theory comes from the Soul World's inclusion in the comics as Thanos traps several heroes in this place to prevent them from meddling in his affairs. While it is possible Natasha is trapped there in some form, the movie does not confirm address it at all. The general consensus was that time travel would be used in some way, with theories that the Time Stone or Captain Marvel would be the key.

In the end, the heroes used the Quantum Realm to go back and retrieve the stones from the past. As key as time travel is in the film, it does not enter into the comic book story at all.

Once The Snap is done, the heroes go right at Thanos, much like the beginning of Endgame. However, in the comics, Thanos is not the self-imposed martyr he is in the movies, and not willing to destroy the Stones. However, the most significant absence is Adam Warlock. Warlock has been rumored to be joining the MCU for years and with the tease at the end of Guardians if the Galaxy Vol. As Thanos fights the cosmic entities, he decides to get creative when dispatching Galactus.

He transforms him into a human being and sends him down to Earth. She explains everything about Elvis to him and while he still has no memory, he trusts her and decides that he is indeed the King. He swears to do good with this second chance by not getting involved with the pitfalls of fame, such as drugs. Using the Mitten, he removes half of life in the universe After talking over various ideas to remove the Infinity Mitten, they go with challenging Thermos to strip poker.

They all lose and die of embarrassment.

Warlox shoots him with a revolver, which Thermos steals and uses on Warlox and McFisto. Thinking that killing off an entire universe of heroes and villains is enough, Thermos is shocked to see that Death is now dating Nintendo's Mario.

Death explains that her new boyfriend is killing off the entire comics industry by himself!

First thing he does is set everything back to normal. Then he sends everyone back home except Warlock and Thanos, who he keeps as advisors He eliminates disease, hunger, soothes hatred a Kree and a Skrull are shown greeting each other happily , and even makes Death into a more alluring figure instead of something to be feared. Then he goes to Hell to see if Mephisto would be cool being remade into something a bit more pleasant, but Mephisto instead starts a fight.

Surfer vaporizes him and goes back to his home to think about stuff. Arguments and fighting happen, but seeing Shalla-Bal so hurt brings Surfer back to sanity.

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As everything returns to normal, Thanos stands alone, holding up the scrapped remains of the Gauntlet. Oh, yes So very close. In it, you control a hero or villain as you gather the Infinity Gems from your opponents, working your way to fighting Dr. Doom and then Thanos.

Upon meeting him, Thanos will steal your Gems and complete the Infinity Gauntlet before the final battle. Here are the various endings based on the different characters defeating Thanos: Anita: Simply uses the Gems to free the heroes from their statue forms.

Nothing else. Blackheart: Is asked to hand it over from his father Mephisto, but Blackheart turns on him and chooses to rule reality. Captain America: Reverts the heroes to normal.

Avengers (comics)

Then pals around with Thor and throws the Infinity Gems into a black hole so nobody can use them. Hulk: Reverts the heroes to normal.

Thanos wants to die, but Hulk leaves him begging. Hulk goes on a second honeymoon to Vegas with Betty, but he chooses to get there by leaping with Betty holding on for dear life. Iron Man: Reverts the heroes to normal.

Considers using the Gauntlet, but then refuses.

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He selfishly used the power after all. Cap tells him not to worry about it. Juggernaut: Is ready to grab the Infinity Gauntlet and get his vengeance on Xavier. Suddenly, Adam Warlock pops in to take it away, thanking Juggernaut for saving reality and then sending him back to Earth. I hate Adam Warlock. Magneto: Creates a second moon around Earth and makes it a permanent home for mutants, finally separating himself from the humans.

He is the eternal ruler of New Avalon.

Psylocke: Reverts the heroes to normal. She returns to the mansion, thinking about how she has experienced being molded to the will of others before and would never, ever do that to another person. Shuma-Gorath: Absorbs the power of the Infinity Gems and grows in size, allowing it to feast upon reality itself. Spider-Man: Reverts the heroes to normal. This is a lot less uplifting when you remember that this game was released during Clone Saga. Thanos: Has two separate endings. Either he chooses to become one with the cosmos as the true ruler of the universe, or he gives up the power and lives on as a farmer.

Wolverine: Reverts the heroes to normal. He realizes that he could use the power to find out about his past, but refuses. Instead, he leaves the X-Men to find the answers himself. Thanos would return in Marvel vs. A little backstory on this one. Unfortunately, Wieringo passed away during the making of it, so they had various artists finish the book in his place as a tribute. During all of this, Wolverine notices how Mephisto is able to steer Thanos around with his words.

He chooses not to fight Thanos and instead badmouths his partners while talking Thanos into thinking that Mephisto is trying to horn in on Death. Thanos downloads this lie and vaporizes Mephisto. Thanos continues to effortlessly defeat all challengers, even when Iron Man creates a suit of armor out of a fallen Celestial. Hulk punches Thanos out, Spider-Man uses the Gauntlet to put everything back the way it was, the Gauntlet is given to the Watchers to guard, and Bruce Banner becomes an honorary Watcher.

Free from being one with the Hulk, he lives in the Watchers' citadel for the rest of his life, practically bathing in the vast knowledge available to him. New Fantastic Four stories. They were only two issues, but they were a lot of fun. This one only sort of counts. Thanos only gets one mention, but the story is more of an alternate history companion piece that makes a couple parallel references to the original story.

In Secret Wars , Dr. Doom was able to siphon off the powers of Galactus and the Beyonder, making him nigh-omnipotent. In this reality, he keeps the power and fully defeats the heroes. He leaves the world a utopia and flies into space. The thing to take away from this story is that at his heart, Dr.

Doom is not a ruler, but a conqueror. His attempt to take over various alien empires is met with resistance, so he wipes out all who oppose him. Then he seeks out even more power by slaying the Elders of the Universe and stealing the Infinity Gems.

Next on the agenda is taking out the only beings higher than him on the food chain: The fight lasts years! During the battle, a shockwave knocked Earth out of orbit, much like in Infinity Gauntlet. Doom sees that life will eventually come to an end.

Without a second thought, he uses the remainder of his cosmic power to set the Earth back in place and save the planet. He no longer feels ashamed of his scars and plans to rebuild his rule from the ground up, fully understanding the true potential of mankind. The wacky cartoon series based on the toys with the creepy smiles is a fun enough diversion. Interesting thing here is that Thanos has Nebula captive and he refers to her as his sister.

The whole Death concept is forgotten about here and Thanos is purely out for galactic power for the sake of being an evil overlord with galactic power. Doom and his underlings. Thanos challenges him to a winner-take-all fight, which Surfer accepts. Also, he knocks Earth out of orbit, making it increasingly cold. Surfer chooses to split himself into six beings for his own amusement.

Doom, where they accidentally destroy both the Sword and the Gems. The resulting explosion fixes the universe, including Earth, and all is well. No longer able to get his revenge on the Surfer, Thanos decides to go hang out at a chicken farm instead. Eventually, Thanos gets all the Gems. Corrupted by its power immediately, he does away with Galactus and, like in the cartoon, splits into six versions of himself.

While Spider-Man sits this one out, the other twelve heroes pair up and fight the various Surfers one-by-one. Once defeated, Surfer comes to his senses. Meanwhile, all the villains are busy fighting each other. Iron Man figures to just let that sort itself out. Iron Man and Hulk search for the receipt so they can return it. This out-of-continuity story is a reimagining of Infinity Gauntlet as an all-ages comedy book.

With the ultimate power of the Gauntlet, Thanos wipes out half of life in the universe for the sake of seeing chaos reign and the survivors destroy each other. Sue Storm puts together a team of Ms.

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Marvel, Hulk, Wolverine, and Spider-Man. Doom bursts into the room and after a fight where he takes down everyone on his own, Doom offers to join the team. The real treasure of this miniseries is watching Dr.

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Doom interact with the uncouth US-Ace. Once they come across Thanos near the end of the third issue, they all get thrashed. Spider-Man stops Thanos from getting the Gauntlet back on his hand and then uses its power to wish for a universe where Thanos never had the Gems in the first place.

So, once upon a time, there was this badass Avengers cartoon that people really liked.

Then they canceled it and replaced it with Avengers Assemble , which I guess is still a thing. By the halfway point, he has it and he loses in an incredibly embarrassing way.Knight of Darkness - Lords of Avalon: Consequences Avengers Vs.

Next on the agenda is taking out the only beings higher than him on the food chain: Avengers and Occupy Avengers were merged into a single weekly series dubbed Avengers: No Surrender, designed to close out this era of the team's history. Marvel's resignation from the team who instead teamed up with other heroes their own age to form their own group the Champions [] , the remaining three members are paired up with Spider-Man Peter Parker , Hercules and Wasp Nadia Pym to form a new team.

Is ready to grab the Infinity Gauntlet and get his vengeance on Xavier. Manifest Destiny - Wolverine: Shattered Empire - Present True Believers: Fellowship of Fear Fear Itself: Hulk: Reverts the heroes to normal.