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Sons of the angel-winged Primarch Sanguinius, the Blood Angels are noble and magnificent, a proud Space Marine chapter with ten millennia of history. Warhammer 40 - Codex - Blood Angels 8th ed - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Warhammer 40 - Codex - Blood Angels 8th. >Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line >Codex Blood Angels PDF Expires Dec.

The good news is that by jumping the plot forward about a hundred years, we've avoided a repeat of "oh this game-changing ultra crusade will begin any minute now The bad news is that this means we're skipping over all of the interesting stuff too, like watching giant 9-feet FNGs getting thrown into the deepest shit ever, or watching decimated chapters like the Blood Angels get just barely saved and are shunted right back into campaign strength status quo.

A possible approach could be something akin to The War of the Beast , with a novel series covering the events of the Indomitus Crusade, this may actually allow Black Library writers to do some character development as well as explore the evolution from the last years of the 41st millennium to the 42nd millennium, indeed, there was a cameo of Uriel Ventris in the novel Dark Imperium, and it may be a great oportunity to see other recurring characters from Black Library such as Ciaphas Cain, Eisenhorn, Ravenor, Alaric from the Grey Knights, Honsou, Marduk from the Word Bearers, Shira Calpurnia, Navradaran of the Adeptus Custodes, Magos Omnid Torquora, the Speranza crew and many others and how they fared during the Noctis Aeterna and the Indomitus Crusade.

The forces which were supposed to be arriving to defend Cadia have been redeployed to other nearby planets to prepare for a possible next wave of Chaos attacks. When that doesn't immediately come, some Guard commanders begin considering the possibility of counter-attacking and reclaiming Cadia or what's left of it, anyway , though at this point it would be little more than a symbolic gesture since the pylons are completely busted. However, considering Cadia's relative proximity to the Nachmund Gauntlet this counter-attack could secure the Imperium vital access to the Imperium Nihilus.

Too bad that doesn't solve the problem of the Traitor Knight House that currently occupies the Gauntlet itself. It is mentioned that during the Dark Age of Technology, the greatest driver of human expansion was the employment of advanced genetic manipulation techniques.

When the Age of Strife hit, massive gene-wars broke out between what had effectively become entirely different species of humans. There is no information why he can't do this to every lowly guardsman out there, either because regular humans are not tuned to work with Emps psychic potential or because he is a dick.

Between this and Rise of the Primarch where Emps communes with Guilliman, no ifs or buts, and speaks quite clearly , there is now absolutely no doubt that the Emperor is still alive and aware of the galaxy around him.

It is currently unclear if everything since his ascension to the Golden Throne happened in spite of his wishes as was the case in previous canon or if it was all part of a plan so convoluted that even Tzeentch would be getting plan envy from it. Given his recent depiction in the Horus Heresy novels suggesting that he had foreseen the events of 40k all the way to Guilliman's revival, the latter is a real possibility.

A seventh Blackstone Fortress has emerged in the western part of the galaxy. Nobody's sure how it managed to go undiscovered for so long, but now basically everyone in the galaxy is tripping all over themselves to try and claim it. This may be easier said than done, as unlike the previous six this Blackstone Fortress is fully active and does not like visitors.

At least one sentient Man of Iron still exists, having disguised itself as a robot of the Legio Cybernetica for millennia. Its motivations and agenda are currently to find other beings like itself, but it's anyone's guess as to what it plans to do if it does find one.

The Emperor's psychic power continues to grow even as his physical body remains in a state of unlife. The Chaos Gods suspect that he seeks to form an "Unliving Army" that could strike at them within the Warp itself. Even Roboute Guilliman is privately wondering if Lorgar and the Ecclesiarchy were right about the Emperor's divinity all along.

At the bare minimum, if the Emperor wasn't divine to start with he certainly is a god now. Space Marines [ edit ] To accomodate for the incorporation of Primaris Space Marines and compensate for issues with Codex tactics that have occurred over the millennia, Roboute Guilliman has made several major changes to how Chapters and Companies are set up.

Additionally, the Battle Companies 2nd through 5th Company in a Codex-adherent chapter can have up to a total of 20 squads each: Battleline squads, Fire Support squads, and Close Support squads. While each of these companies is still nominally fixed at men, in practice their numbers can be much higher since they can also draw additional squads from reserve companies if needed. This allows the Battle Companies to field a far more flexible arrangement of squads than they could in the past while enabling the existence of all-Primaris Chapters that would not be able to use the squad types that other Astartes typically employ.

In keeping with the new classification of squad types, the 6th and 7th companies are now entirely Battleline squads, the 8th Company consists of Close Support Squads, and the 9th Company is formed of Fire Support squads.

Guilliman ultimately plans to replace the Codex Astartes completely with the Codex Imperialis when the latter is completed.

Codex: Blood Angels

Sicarius was lost in the Warp at the start of the Indomitus Crusade; while the Codex claims his fate is unknown, the Dark Imperium novel which canonically takes place as the Crusade is ending has since been proven that he is alive and well. All the other companies are still being led by the same Captains as before. Tigurius was nearly slain by the psychic backlash of the Great Rift's opening, but he was able to come out of his coma in time to rally the Ultramarines in the Plague Wars.

He was also able to divine the location of the Hand of Darkness, and give this information to Eldrad. During the Plague Wars, Telion ended up leading his entire Scout Company in defense of their training academy when it was attacked by the Death Guard.

Following the Plague Wars, Guilliman oversaw the rebuilding of Ultramar before being required to depart to other Imperial warzones. Following intense debate about the implications of adding the Primaris to the Space Marine Chapters and discussions with Archmagos Cawl about the viability of converting existing Marines into Primaris Marines, Marneus Calgar volunteered to be the first to undrergo the "Rubicon Primaris" procedure.

Despite dying briefly during the operation, he is successfully converted into a Primaris Space Marine. Dark Angels [ edit ] Ezekiel and other Librarians on the Rock are struck by a psychic vision where Luther had built an entire Legion on Caliban, and had survived the planet's destruction, leading them to believe there are far more Fallen than they ever knew about somewhat reconciling old and new fluff, where originally the Fallen numbered hundreds, now there are thousands.

The conflict envelops the asteroid base but seemingly serves no purpose other than to cause carnage. Azrael later finds that Luther has disappeared from his cell, realising that the attack was only a diversion. Because no one else in the chapter or the entire Unforgiven knows about Luther's survival, he keeps it to himself. Considering how bad things are looking for the Dark Angels now that their darkest secret of all is missing and having recently suffered massive losses after they and several Unforgiven Chapters were ambushed on the world of Darkmor, Azrael orders an emergency summit of ALL of the Unforgiven Supreme Grand Masters a lot of dudes, whole chapters get lost in the warp just trying reach it , but Roboute Guilliman crashes the party.

His fears of an imminent judgement against the Unforgiven are put aside when he finds out that Guilliman has arrived to deliver Primaris reinforcements, as opposed to censure about their actions.

So the majority of the Unforgiven get their Primaris Marines at exactly the same time. Guilliman also grants permission to the Unforgiven to continue using the Deathwing and Ravenwing in their structure in recognition of their service to the Emperor. Generally being hostile to the newcomers, the Inner Circle haven't seen fit to share the secret of the Fallen with their Primaris reinforcements yet with the exception of their Librarians who are already rare enough and undergo the most stringent of testing anyway, plus they can, you know, read minds , mostly because they haven't gone through the same indoctrinations or heard the same apocryphal tales that the rest of the chapter have.

While it is likely one of them will be found worthy of joining the Deathwing eventually, the newcomers only know the sanitized version of their history for now. No mentions in fluff to explain why; maybe there's not much use in trying to keep mind readers out of your secrets.

In the novel "War of Secret", it turned out that whenever a Primaris witnesses something related to the hunt for the Fallen Angels, he has his memory wiped out by the Apocathery. However, the protagonists of the novel managed to go through the proceess by injuring themselves, thus triggering the Belisarian Furnace to burn away all the injected mind-wiping chemicals. So, an Interrogator Chaplain inducted them into what was called the "Primaris Circle", whose role was to on the watch for both the Fallen Angels and the Mechanicus for signs of heresy.

The Primaris Circle was not yet a part of the Inner Circle yet, as only Azrael could decide whether Primaris Marines would be inducted. Nowadays, both with NuMarines arriving and casualties stacking up, this is no longer the case. The Rock is now situated in the galactic north in the Imperium Nihilus, where the Inner Circle can more easily coordinate due to the lack of reliable communications.

Pandorax 2: Eye of Terror Boogaloo? Following up on the above, Asmodai cuts a deal with the Relictors : in exchange for their help capturing a member of the Black Legion who can give them Epimetheus' location, he gives them a relic in a locked box that he claims is "rightfully" his to give and "rightfully" theirs to receive.

Intriguingly, he mentions that the box is unlocked by specific genetic markers but will open for them as easily as it would open for him. In light of this, it may be possible that the Relictors may be Dark Angels successors in spite of their significant deviation from the Unforgiven doctrines to say nothing of their own dubious loyalties.

Rumor has it that somewhere in the Imperium Nihilus the Fallen are gathering in large enough numbers to be classified as their own Legion. Azrael suspects that Luther may be responsible for this and is making plans to move against them.

Blood Angels [ edit ] The Blood Angels and their successors except those poor bastards get fucked up pretty badly by the Tyranids, those poor bastards were still dealing with their own bugs with the gribblies eating large parts of Baal's moons. However, a combination of the Cicatrix Maledictum messing with the Hive Fleet's bio-ships and Guilliman's fleet taking out the remaining Tyranids on Baal after the Warp settles down leads to the Blood Angels successfully repelling the Tyranid invasion.

Meanwhile on Baal Prime, Ka'bandha manifests with a horde of Daemons of Khorne- the idea of anything destroying the Blood Angels other than itself is intolerable to the Bloodthirster. This means that Ka'bandha is a Tsundere confirmed. Commence extra heretical shipping. First the Necrons, now Daemons. Seriously, is there no level of heresy they will not stoop to? The Knights of Blood , unable to control the Flaw due to the influence of Ka'Bandha, sacrifice themselves to download time for the rest of Baal Prime's defenders to evacuate.

An exhausted and drained Dante has managed to just barely defeat the Swarmlord in a duel. Bobby G tells Dante that he's one of the few people who can call him an equal , and makes him the commander of the Imperium Nihilus.

So now the space vampires are basically in command of half the galaxy, albeit the fucked-up half. Despite the enormous amount of pressure this would entail, it's said Dante has never been more hopeful and has sworn to purge the Imperium Nihilus of Chaos. None of the Primaris Blood Angels have shown signs of succumbing to the Black Rage , but it is implied that this is only because they haven't been active long enough to have it start kicking in yet.

They are susceptible to the Red Thirst , though they have better control over it than their shorter cousins. Lieutenants of the Blood Angels fill one of two offices: the Sword of Sanguinius acts as a frontline commander to lead the charge, while the Warden of the Blood is the designated second in command and will become acting Captain if the current one succumbs to the Flaw. Seth is pretty skeptical on the whole Primaris thing, partly because he views them as blasphemy against the Emperor's work and agents of Guilliman, loyal to him before the Chapter and their gene-father, and partly because he sees them as being less true to Sanguinius' heritage due to their apparent resistance to the Flaw.

Somebody in the Inquisition is pissed off enough at Seth to send an Eversor to kill him. In an amazing display of restraint, Seth only beats the assassin within an inch of its life before sending it back to the Inquisition as a warning, along with the Captain they roped into helping with the assassination attempt.

Corbulo, on the other hand, is all hot about them, seeing the whole Primaris thing as a cure for the Black Rage. However, an attack on an Alpha Legion base in which the Primaris Marines unleashed a degree of violence extreme even for the Blood Angels seems to have left him reconsidering the possibility that they may be a cure for the Flaw. Our favourite Lamenters got their very own NuMarines and are slowly rebuilding after "the battle with overwhelming horror of Tyranids", which suggests they somehow managed to survive running into Kraken.

Anyway, things are finally looking good for them, by which we mean they aren't allowed to go extinct because it would be a relief.

When a Chapter Master of the Blood Angels dies, the Sanguinary High Priest and High Chaplain take temporary joint rule until a suitable candidate for the role can be found. This was established as a precaution after one Captain succumbed to the Black Rage almost immediately after he ascended to the rank of Chapter Master.

Due to the severe losses taken in the defense of Baal, the Blood Angels now maintain an extra-large as in almost strong Scout Company, formed in part from the tribesmen that fought the Tyranids alongside the Blood Angels and survived.

The final stages of the Red Thirst appear to cause physical mutations in addition to mental changes; when the Tower of Amareo's inhabitants were released to fight the Tyranids, they had devolved into fanged, clawed monsters with blood-red skin that walked on their knuckles like apes. The Phalanx was badly damaged between the events of the fall of Cadia and the Iron Warriors' attack, but it was able to survive.

It is now currently orbiting Terra for repairs and purification of the tainted parts of the ship. Ravenor and Eisenhorn They also have omnibus editions available, if you want to read about Inquisitors, these are good series Gaunt's Ghosts The Tanith first and only. Felt like the author realized he'd hit the page quota for the project and decided to end it as quickly as possible. For the most part good, but there are definitely a few stinkers in there. Bit lighter and more comedic than most 40k, but that makes it a great bait book to get friends and family hooked.

Also I like the Ahriman books. Helsreach by Aaron Dembski-Bowden - In the Space Marine Battles series, a great self contained story about a pivotal event in the 40k universe. I agree with everything cited above but just wanted to add two more specific recommendations: Yeah like everyone else the best tip with the Black Library is to stick to certain authors.

As the post above notes, you're generally better off looking for stuff by authors that are well regarded. Space Marines contains a wealth of background and rules — the definitive book for all Space Marines collectors.

It is the start of a trilogy and I only vaguely remember books 2 and 3, so my strong recommendation here only applies to Dark Apostle itself. Last Chancers Another omnibus collection noticing a theme at all?

Just about anything by Gav Thorpe. Search for rogue warrior Ebooks torrent, download free book torrents. Also included is an inspiring showcase of beautifully-painted Citadel miniatures, depicting Space Marines of every type doing battle in the colours of each founding Chapter. Download Black Library Warhammer 40k ebooks large collection torrent or any other torrent from Ebooks category. The Horus Heresy series in particular is really uneven in terms of quality.

Definitely a lot more depth than Orksmash Boltgunner of the Angry Marines. Without spoiling anything, the book builds towards a climax over a fairly large period, and it exponentially ramps up as it approaches the end. It nails the tone perfectly given that this is supposed to be the time period right before everything goes Grimdark and everybody is still optimistic about the future. Of note the Horus Heresy series is over 25 books long at this point and just about every author has had a hand in it by now.

Collection of Warhammer 40k Novels. The Imperium is assailed from all sides, but standing between civilisation and annihilation is a warrior brotherhood. Thus came to pass that Horus, trusted Warmaster of the Great Crusade, rejected, Horus flew into a rage and attacked.

Even at the peak of turned his back upon the Emperor and embraced the shifting his powers Sanguinius could not have hoped to prevail against glories of the Chaos Gods. To him rallied near half of the armies the monster Horus had become, and the Primarch was weary and of Mankind, including many of the Space Marine Legions.

On wounded from his travails on Terra. In the battle that followed, Horus was finally vanquished, though the Emperor too was cast down near to death. Brother fought brother, with quarter long lost, one detail remains constant in all the recitations through neither offered nor given. Heroes were slain, worlds burned and all the millennia since.

The reconstruction of his empire and the final rout of the traitor forces would now fall to the surviving loyalist Primarchs, men such as Rogal Dorn of the Imperial Fists and Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines. Sanguinius stepped into the void Angels. In doing so, he thrust the Blood Angels into the brutal prevent forever the danger of massed rebellion on the scale seen forefront of the fighting.

It is said that Horus hated and feared Sanguinius the Blood Angels would bear the pain longer and more deeply than more than any of his brothers and wove many strategies to ensnare most.

Few worlds in the entire Imperium could have as devastating an impact on the human soul as Baal and its inhabited moons: Baal Prime and Baal Secundus. In ancient days Baal and its moons had earth-like atmospheres. Unable to nature and pursued lives of ease and freedom.

Thus it was their rulers and their gods. The infant Primarch state of affairs. All that is certain is that during the fearful events was found by one of the wandering tribes of humans who called that marked the downfall of human society and the end of the themselves the Folk of Pure Blood, or simply the Blood. The young Dark Age of Technology, the moons of Baal suffered terribly.

Cities touch of Chaos had changed him. Tiny vestigial wings, like those became plains of smouldering glass. Lush grasslands became of an angel, emerged from his back.

Many wanted to kill him as a polluted deserts. Seas became poisoned lakes of toxic sludge. Eventually innate compassion prevailed and he Humanity might become extinct in the Baal System.

But somehow was spared. They clung precariously to life on the edges of the radioactive deserts. They became scavengers, picking through the The infant Sanguinius was a prodigy — he grew quickly and scattered bones of their own once-great civilisation.

Games Workshop

In the dark learned everything his parents could teach him. After three weeks time that followed the collapse of all order, some became worse Sanguinius was as large as a child of three years. It is said that than scavengers, and in their desperation turned to cannibalism. As Sanguinius grew his wings grew also, changing from vestigial things into mighty pinions that could bear him aloft upon the desert air. By the time he was a year old, he looked and acted like a man in his youthful prime.

In Over the course of the following centuries, the accumulated the use of all weapons he soon surpassed his teachers. There were some who slew them all, although they numbered over a hundred. When the savage culture that evolved amid the ruins of the old. The only blood-rage overtook him, Sanguinius was indeed terrible to behold social unit left was the tribe. For human and mutant cannibal alike, — his mighty Primarch powers awoke to fullness and a nimbus of the only folk they could rely upon were their own kin.

The people light played about his head. The tribes fought constant wars, webs of alliances ever guidance they rolled back the mutant tide. For a time Mankind shifting as each tribe strove for supremacy and survival. Extinction had a respite on the moon of Baal Secundus. Sanguinius was awaited the slow and the weak. Where once the moons had been worshipped as a god by his followers, who felt that he could once near paradise, now they were living hells.

Yet it was shortly thereafter that fate intervened once more. The Emperor had For the few surviving humans, existence was a constant struggle. For a time it seemed that Humanity was doomed, that soon there would only be an endless desert ruled over by the Some amongst the Primarchs are said to have fought against feuding mutant tribes.

Then, out of the star-strewn heavens, the Emperor when first they met but this was not the case with came hope. He immediately recognised the Emperor for who he was and bent his knee before the Lord of Mankind. The Emperor raised him up, looked upon his people and saw that they were fair and noble. The best of the warriors he offered to transform into Space Marines. Thus were the Blood Angels and their Primarch finally made whole. Since the time of Sanguinius, the Blood Angels have recruited from among the tribes of the Blood on Baal Secundus and Baal Prime, where a colony was established shortly after the time of the Horus Heresy.

Youths from the Blood take part in games and tournaments, facing many hazards as they race across the desert, to fight and do battle against one other. Traditionally, the Time of Challenge is announced by heralds who visit each tribe in flying chariots. The hazards of the desert are many, and it takes a youth of extraordinary skill and courage to even reach the Place of Challenge. Once there they must vie for the fifty or so places that are available.

Those who succeed are taken up in the sky chariots; those who fail are left behind either to guard the place of testing or to make their way back to their own tribes. To accept the gene-seed of Sanguinius, and become a warrior of the Blood Angels, is both a gift and a curse. Those youths accepted as aspirants are taken to the Blood Angels fortress monastery on Baal itself.


There they see great wonders. They look for the first time on the unmasked faces of their future When the aspirants emerge from their sarcophagi they are forever brother Space Marines, and note with some consternation their changed.

They are tall, strong and superhumanly powerful. Their sharp eye teeth and sleekly beautiful features. It has to be said that restructured bodies and features have taken on a beauty that the recruits are far from handsome at this stage. Most aspirants echoes that of their angelic forebear. Their senses are keener, their bear marks of their hard lives — it is impossible for an ordinary muscles stronger than tempered steel.

They are ready to begin their man to dwell on those barren moons and not feel the terrible training as Space Marines.

Some are marked by stigmata, while most are short and stunted, their growth stifled by malnutrition, their flesh disfigured by lesions and carcinomas. Disgorged from the hibernation them by the Sanguinary Priests. These superlative warriors From the Apothecarion the aspirants are taken to the Hall of wore the colours of the Blood Angels, the Blood Drinkers, Sarcophagi and each is placed within a mighty golden sarcophagus.

They were inheritors of the Life-support nodes are attached to them and for the next year they might of the Primarchs, and they bolstered the depleted ranks are fed intravenously with a mixture of nutrients and the blood of of their adoptive Chapters just when they were needed most.

Sanguinius while the gene-seed does its work. Those who live grow swift and true, echoing the rapid growth of their Primarch.But somehow was spared.

Codex (Warhammer 40,000)

Yet none amongst the Primarchs would have as profound an effect upon their progeny as did Sanguinius. Failure is the only unforgivable sin for the Sword of Sanguinius, while victory excuses any amount of savagery. Nonetheless, a immediately to the Black Rage, throwing the Blood Angels into a strike force will inevitably be referenced by the company from spiritual and organisational crisis.

Xenos Battlefleet Gothic: Still the Tyranids fall from systems and end worlds.