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The Complete Guide to the TOEIC Test provides learners with a clearly organized, step-by-step program for maximizing test scores. It is the. COMPLETE GUIDE. TOEIC TEST. EL TO THE. 3rd EDITION. Audio Script & Answer Key. TOEIC® is a registered trademark of. Educational Testing Service. Rogers Bruce. Complete Guide To The TOEIC Test - 3rd Edition - CD1. Файл формата rar; размером 26,54 МБ; содержит документы форматов audio pdf.

Come on. Short-term parking is heard they have some nice apartments there. Your cooperation is appreciated. And how much will the charge be for this transaction? C What are they discussing? I special loading zone on Level D. I quarter. I like living with my sister. Stopping momentarily in front of the B How did the man send the bid? Let get back here until the next day. We would like to remind [Questions 4 through 6 are based on this announcement] shoppers to check that their personal belongings are Attention.

And you can expect to see the temperatures drop to around 22 degrees A Who would be most interested in what is being Airways International or pick up one of the white information telephones located throughout the airport to [Questions 7 through 9 are based on the following receive an important message.

They were A Why is Mr. It should be a French and Russian will be available in the next few little cooler with cloudy conditions. If C Where are the white telephones located? B What type of vehicle must use the Level D 1. She not only received top A 6. D Which of these courses is NOT presently available? Kim being paged? A Who is Elizabeth Bryce?

Each kit contains four workbooks. Then order a language kit from Translingua. Courses in though. C What has been found? D What does the employee of the year receive? Learn in a natural way by listening will continue at least through Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to stop by our fresh seafood department to see our catch of the day. Courses now countryside to view the colorful fall foliage. Exercise 4.

Besides a small bonus in Attention. Paging Glasgow-bound passenger Kim. On Monday. And to all our other passengers: Food King. Chang Su B What does the speaker suggest people do on 6. Call Translingua today. A How did the truck cause a delay? Those of you seated Most of us do not consider balloons toys that have to be on the right-hand side of the aircraft should be able to see handled with special care. Engineers will work to correct the problem today cars were involved in a collision near Lake Avenue.

D At what age must someone download a full-price The turned to the northeast and is heading toward the open elevators will take you down to the top level of the cave. There are going to be some major This morning.

B How do new-generation space shuttles differ from 2. Hurricane Charlotte was scheduled to slam children six to twelve. It is expected now to pass no closer than miles from the Eastern Seaboard. You may download your tickets in the gift coastal Maryland.

Traffic is heavy on 8. In just a few swallowed and cause choking and suffocation. In fact. As into this area with winds of miles per hour. Charlotte has the elevators at the north side of the building. A rocket that was to carry the Space Shuttle Pathfinder into truck has spilled its cargo of lumber all across the four earth orbit were automatically shut down minutes before westbound lanes.

After soon as you have downloadd your tickets. From up here. A Where is the hurricane now moving? The shuttle will be launched two days from be better off taking Route 8. Tickets are six dollars for adults.

An uninflated balloon or a piece of from now. D When will the shuttle Pathfinder probably be 3. Mountain Standard Time — about two hours many parents overlook. Parents minutes. C What is the purpose of this talk? If you with our new equipment. And summer hotel rates are more A North America. Rooms at the Norseman Lodge and the products?

I know some of you have a few questions. C What advantage does this magazine have over 7.

Also available are our Mountain is much. And course and a lake for swimming. Before we get down to the first interested in the festival held in June? C What had the speaker probably told the audience 2. You must really have been paying rates?

But Viking message or design that you like. D What claim is NOT made for these products? And When you think of Viking Mountain. A Which of these products is especially for 4. These include handsome all just in one month. Bruhn Design products are available at fine stores D When is this talk being given?

Great job. C Which of the following is NOT available at the 1. Lesson 4 Now Business Day. And why not get information booklets once the presentation is finished. Monday through Friday. International business situations change from day to some of our products that will allow you to put these day.

B How much does the guide mentioned in the talk 9. The Attention. Today in Cinema 1. If you need information about domestic or Cinema 2. If you wish to place a new order.

So come get your flu shots on Friday and stay healthy this winter. In case of an the lunchroom. D Which of these movies has the latest starting The To avoid injuries. Stay seated. On Friday and Saturday. At the end of the ride. Do not pull down the safety bar. Of course you can browse our you to relax. For change 3. Star Voyage. B Who is listening to this announcement? D What will they be doing two days from now?

The day after tomorrow. Flu season begins soon. They will be administered by health emergency. All our customer message] representatives are busy with other callers at this moment. Our week day hours remain the from out there is incredible. D Which of the following is NOT an available online 2.

I promise you the view Saturdays and Sundays. These personnel will assist you. Thanks for calling Triplex Cinema. If you have a chance to tour our plant. Please visit us at www. All these films are shown at information online for any existing reservations.

B To which of these would someone go to see a In received. This will happen at a future time. And even easy to afford. If you just want to get from was virtually deserted. Why out of control. We provide clean. The speaker says that. Easy to use. Not at all. Exercise experts cost to go through the temporary agencies. Hotels near the airport will be added to Cummings.

Exercise experts say that a person achieves D With which of these statements would the 9. Exersystem per month? So far. Review Test [Questions 7 through 9 are based on the following talk] [Questions 1 through 3 are based on the following Before we go on to the next issue. The speaker says a rowing machine works Explanation: The speaker says. There has been only one reported injury to a shuttle? B How many people have been reported injured? Easy to assemble.

D Why would someone rent a car from this agency? Act now. And in the future. Does this mean have our own people do the job. As you can see. The speaker is disagreeing with Jim.

The cause of the blaze remains a Point A to Point B and back again. Corn should be picked in the morning because the afternoon heat turns the sugar to starch. We also offer private rooms for groups of eight or commercial message from our sponsor. He asks callers to leave a message on his message? This service is Explanation: Colony Seed A What does the speaker say about the private We request that you reserve for large groups A Who is the speaker?

B What service is APG mainly discussing in this If you order from our special moment with more harvesting hints. We offer payments as compensation [Questions 16 through 18 are based on the following for the inconvenience such a long outage can cause.

B How long should a customer wait before calling to He identifies Robin Sitwell as his partner. If you need to speak with me this please visit our website at www.

This time of year is a good power for more than forty-eight hours. If we pick your card in our B Why should corn be harvested in the morning? He says he will not return until tomorrow. Peter Brooks. The speaker mentions. Please press 1 now if you would like If you have an urgent problem.

A What will probably be heard right after this talk? And afternoon. If lunch does not arrive at the table within ten Explanation: The speaker says that first. For additional safety tips during an outage. D What kind of business is APG? These Company. For example. And advertisement] did you know that the longer you leave peppers on the Businesspersons. Robin Sitwell. Have a great day. D Explanation: Among the most up the department.

Department will be moving to 10 Plaza Street. And I can show exactly how you 1. Exercise 5. We will be splitting 9. Those assigned to the Park Service Department will be moving into new offices at 10 Plaza Exercise 5. Most C distance. C year-round. A State Avenue building for now. Recreation Service personnel will stay here at the 1. Lesson 5 And the climate is perfect.

This will mean an increased workload for some of you. You will all be reassigned according to The villas can house up to 20 guests. The golf 8. B with him that many times we end up with too many people 5. A courses. D C What is a short distance from the properties? I think you will department? This decision was reached 2. A can manage this financially. C Explanation: The speaker says that no pink slips have resorts to forest retreats — but today we would like to tell been given out.

D trying to do the same job. B would help eliminate redundancy. B properties? Like I know you are all busy. Like B Who will be relocated? C What will the speaker probably do next? A variety of great shops and restaurants are all within walking distance.

C our new installment program. Visitors Only visitors is used with the Explanation: The speaker says that the Park Service preposition to. The speaker says he will show the audience 1. Little yet your job duties. Fewer A by the mayor because he felt that dividing the department 3.

A must be a warm place where you can be outdoors all year. In with Exercise 5. D infinitive advised him to study. A preposition to. D Exercise 5. The 7. B not. C Exercise 6. B D Lesson 6 3. C Preview Test 1. B Exercise 5. C Exercise 5. From on in 5.


A Exercise 5. C in affirmative statements. He subject. In other words. C marker once.

A used in negative sentences and questions 2. Compound words with any. Anyone and someone can be used for people or. The previous sentence says that one reader. Only choice B. We can say. The singular form yourself is correct rather than the plural yourselves because in A 3.

Lesson 7 organizations. B person as an object. A preposition. Choice D. Review Test B 8. Reparation is a payment made by someone for D 9. D here. C before an inanimate object without a 3. Choice B. C while compound words with some. Exercise 7. In this case. This sentence really 4. D 28 Lesson 6. B the suspect. Choice A best the pro shop a quarter hour 15 minutes prior summarizes this concept.

C complex. There is no mention typical contracts. A subjects will be found in the same workbook. Choices B and C to tee time. The topics themselves suggest that it is a table of A The other statements about InfraTane are true. Kitano does not point this out in the email. I am wondering if you pay B A would have no effect. Bowles says in his letter. The percentage of government highlighting the resistance to. The other aspects of positive despite his minor criticisms.

Choices B and D would cause the average age of the workforce to go C We encourage twenties would lower the average age. United States and Canada. In general. The other qualities of the restaurant information in the announcement about that the reviewer considers have fewer than subscription rates choice B. Choice you to send clippings from newspapers. The engineer is designing an automobile. Practice Test 1 The cats are sitting in a row.

The officer is on the roof of the house. Greenwood is in Lyon from D. February 18 to Her chin is resting on her hand. The two people are both using pay phones. Bricault is interested in meeting with Peter Greenwood to discuss Mr. The man is waiting for the woman to finish A The officer is on horseback.

Bricault says that she will be at the trade C. European firms that you have assisted. The lecture must be exciting. We know park. The horse is racing forward.

The man is being introduced to the woman. From Mr. Many cars are stuck in a traffic jam. We know that there is Internet D 6. There is B. The doors of the car are wide open. The train is waiting for the signal to change. Internet access in the guest rooms.

The trees are bare and empty of leaves. Bryce writes. The playing cards are scattered on the B Greenwood is in Lyon. The truck is stopped at a railroad crossing. The two people are sharing the same therefore probably get information from these telephone.

Many shopping carts are available. The mechanic is repairing the engine. These two are good. No one — I learned on my own. Once every few weeks. I taught my friend. She said it was a great success. It was signed by Mr. They are setting up camp. They are having an intense conversation. For about six months. Sample B. I would. About four hundred pages. I have exactly the right amount. I have. Very well. About half an hour. They are building a campfire.

Part 2 A. Those peaches look delicious. The couple is checking the lights. Because of her experience. This bus goes to the stadium. They seem to be nervous and tense. The music was wonderful. That sounds like a great idea. Two people are looking at the screens. Call Mr. Because she asked me to. Yes, I can hear it clearly. That would be fun. At a concert hall. It is, but it should be open again soon. For weeks now. Thanks — I have a terrible A. Yes, please. Yes, there are a few.

In the cabinet. I sure would. Either would be wonderful. We won that game. Yes, it is. Yes, we do. Yes, I believe I will. On the left. Constas calls? You could stuff these envelopes. He can use my phone if he wants. The line was busy.

I contacted them yesterday. Just to make a quick call. I believe it was. Put them in bags, please. I never carry matches. Yes, you should. Paper, please. I still have them. At most banks and large hotels. Whenever you want. You have an excellent credit rating. Yes, I think it is.

On Seventh Street. At 10, I believe. No, not at all. We still have half a tank. Almost an hour. Maybe he had car trouble. They should be more careful. I have them in my pocket. It does look wonderful. I never knew that. This play is very interesting. Yes, quite brief.

I think so. Business class, please. It was first class. The prize was perfect. No, second prize. No, I had one already. Yes, if we can. Very sharp. She enjoyed her trip to Japan. No, I never have. No, I prefer fish. The park is across the street. I sent the postcard. The X-ray machine is on the second floor. I parked around the corner. There are some in that cabinet. Fine, but just for a few minutes.

The band plays on Tuesdays. We took it away. Can you repair the machine? Yes, I finished it last night. Yes, you can. Wrong person B. Were you in the hospital? Wrong type of question A. About thirty miles. About thirty pounds. Where was the training manual? About thirty minutes. Yes, it was. Wrong type of question B 7. Review Test A.

No, this is my old set. Yes, I was slightly upset. Since last summer. In the shipping department. It was in an antique shop. It was round. It was in excellent condition.

All right, but just for ten minutes. No, not here. Yes, thank you. With chopsticks, please. Yes, they contained a lot of useful information. Yes, they were made of dark wood. On the floor in the concourse. From a travel agent. Did John already talk to you? Wrong person Mr. Yes, please ask him to call his travel agent.

When will the work on the Hughes account be done? Catherine is doing the work on it. Wrong type of question C 6. Do you want an aisle seat or a window seat? No, thank you. Wrong type of question B. To the museum. Right around the corner. How long did you spend in Lisbon?

Wrong tense B 7. Is your sister a teacher? She has a bad headache. Wrong person C. There she is. Where did you download that book? Last week.

Did the police investigate the incident? Yes, they will. I rode my motorcycle. He enjoys playing golf. I saw an ad in the newspaper. I like him a lot. I worked hard all day.

Rogers Bruce. Complete Guide To The TOEIC Test - 3rd Edition - CD1

He seems very nice. She should be back soon. Yes, you can help make it. Thanks — I just had it delivered yesterday. Sure, help yourself. Yes, he does have a nice office. No, I hate to paint. They should be finished soon. There will be two of us. Fortunately, it was fairly minor. I already did. One car ran a red light. Just coffee and toast, usually. No, I was only joking. About seven. This room is air conditioned. Thanks a lot.

If you want to. It will be in Lisbon. Yes, thanks. No, just cash. I sent it yesterday afternoon. I have them. From Toronto, I think. Earlier this morning. It was on the first floor. In the meeting room on the first floor. About twenty miles an hour. Tom has my pen.

I swim fairly well. Great idea — how about this Friday? It was a lot of fun. I lived abroad for several years. I read a biography. This book is the best.

Mystery novels are my favorites. Is it still possible for position for a month. It took me a year of on-the-job us to get a table for two? Oh, I intend to. I actually enjoy reservations. We can seat you in about fifteen or challenges.

I was worried, but I guess this is our lucky night! Exercise 3. Janice Nelson speaking. Hello, Janice, this is Ms. There were twenty packages of 2. I believe we spoke last week about a similar situation. And this 3. Nelson planning to do? Front desk. Can you fix it? I have M2: This whole building needs rewiring. Certainly, sir. But that will cost a fortune! Please put the charges on my bill. Can you have M: I sure do. I think that suit looks very nice on you. It must be a big change to go from being a marketing the material is very high quality.

So, are you enjoying M2: The jacket seems too big. You can have that taken in a little. Not as much as I thought I would. Stacey, do you have those blueprints C Why, is there something the matter? Well, I need to go over them with like it to be. I want to put a new deck on the back of Exercise 3. Do you know anyone who B F: No, we just stood on the dock.

He did a F: Did you catch anything? Oh — it sure looks like mine. I know this is mine — see, this is my ID tag on the handle. Could I get another cup of coffee? I like her still lifes even more. The M: She certainly is a talented artist. But I have an appointment with a shopping mall over in Glenwood.

That would be a convenient location for a M: He can arrange a lot of your customers. Have you seen this model yet? Not just that — it has a huge memory.

Oh, then you should get off at the next stop and walk up to Clifton Avenue. Yes, just a little off the top. Sounds great. What shelf is it on? Oh, no! The city needs to put a traffic light there. Lisa decided not to have it painted — B F: Just boots and poles. All right. Can you show me your saws? No, but I worked with them in college.

Power, or hand saws? Do you want to see that documentary A 7. I had to take a limousine to the airport. That must have been pretty expensive. What time is it on? I would have missed my flight. Dan is sure in a bad mood this morning. All right, Mr. If one of your F: Is that all? Well, I saw it in the clients calls, when should I tell conference room.

It sure is great to be home. Welcome back, Ms. I forget — how long were you living abroad? It was a year last month. What time will it open Monday? Are you going to the trade fair in M: I wish I could — I just have too many things to do here.

Has the 7: Well, at least the distribution movie started yet? Yes, sir, about ten minutes ago. It just has a flat tire. But Mr.

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Neufield, you have a meeting scheduled with the chief engineer. Frank, I know your brother Joe M: Call him, please, and postpone started working here in Did our meeting. And hold all my calls. No, the year before. Oh, I thought Joe started here M: What made you decide that, Mary? What happened to the music? Is there M2: Sorry to hear that, Patrick. Do something wrong with the CD player?

Let me look. Umm, no, it looks like the in tomorrow morning? CD is scratched. Too bad — I was really enjoying to come in sometime after lunch. Powers, did you interview Katie? Costs are still too high. They have F: If her to be cut.

Yes, but how? So, are you still going to Manila B 3. Did you see that new play at the next week? Odeon Theater? No, I think we should invite F: I saw about half of it. It was so Mr. Quizon to come here instead. Good idea. He should get familiar with M: Arlene, do you have to work this order, whatever you do. Uh, oh. You should have told me F: They pay me time-and-a-half that sooner. Yes, but everyone needs some way they were, then! The rent on this apartment is reasonable C 5.

Do you much room.

I have a one-bedroom unit you F: How did your glass tabletop get order from room service and eat in your cracked? I dropped that flowerpot on it. Well, you can always have the C 6. We need another copier. Did you know that Mr. Dufour is F: Did you know that NorCorp, Inc.

Art is a risky field of investment. If their executives want to waste that expert himself. Bauer is at a sales meeting. I see. Will it last much longer? Probably not. Can we open a window in here? According to this memo, we have to I need some fresh air.

Sorry, Donna — this is a climate- F: Review Test D Did you know the company is going to M: We could do a better job on this project if we had install its own exercise equipment? We more people working on it.

Sure, Mark, but everyone else is working on the club every day after work. MacDougal job. Oh, great — I just bought a three-year M: But we should at least ask the boss for more membership at this place.

Maybe you can sell it. Good idea! Stern in our meeting tomorrow. Douglas, do you have any C What is the problem with the project? B What does Mark suggest they ask for? I never think of downloading batteries until B What is the woman planning to do? Simmons, and to book a hotel for you. Can I also arrange a tour? The sky is never this clear at home. You can see for miles out here. And the air smells so fresh. Well, you should take a little time to see some of the B 3. You should at least try to visit the Temple of M: Want to come?

Anyway, if F: Do you know what the you tell me the dates you plan to travel, I can start weather is going to be like? As a clerk here, do I get a discount on the clothes I download? B Who is the first speaker? Yes, Natalie, we give our clerks A Why is Ms.

Simmons going to Bangkok? How did you get to be so good inspection at your downtown office building before on the piano?

I took lessons when I was a child. No, in two days. When I got to work this morning, to be reporting any problems. D Who is the man? C When will the man go to the downtown office 8.

Of course. You know, I miss living building? B How does the woman feel about what the man 9. Me, too. I especially miss those says? OK, thanks. Now, how much would you not far from my office at all.

And how much will the charge be for this transaction? C What are they discussing? What size bills would you like? A couple of kilometers. Before breakfast. No, not at this time. At the post office. In your desk drawer, I think. It was excellent, thanks. Just a little one. By going over the problem again and again. The last page. In Buckingham Park. On Saturday at noon. The report is on your desk. By Mr. In My cousin Brigid. In Paris. On the second floor.

At a hotel downtown. Back to Hamburg. In around three days. A few years ago.

He comes from Hamburg. Next Saturday. Last January. Because I have a better job there. In Miami. To San Francisco. Early next year. Maas go to Singapore this week? To attend a trade fair. A sandwich and some coffee, please. He flew on Far Eastern Airlines. The game starts in an hour. I believe he will. That sounds like a good idea. Because I enjoy public speaking.

I was speaking with my boss. For at least six months. The project should be finished soon. To get some important information from her. To the restaurant around the corner. Salad, steak, and baked potato.

For the next six months.

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I made several copies.He seems very nice. And I can show exactly how you 1. She is pointing at the police officer. Other Negative question A 7. People are sitting on the steps.