adminComment(0) Inventory Management Explained: A focus on Forecasting, Lot Sizing, Safety Stock, and Ordering Systems. (): David J. Piasecki . Inventory Management Explained: A focus on Forecasting, Lot Sizing, Safety Stock, and Ordering Systems. by David J. Piasecki () [David J. Piasecki]. It does this by clearly explaining what inventory management is, but then goes well beyond typical inventory management books by tearing apart the.

Inventory Management Explained Book

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Inventory Management Explained book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Book by David J. Piasecki. Are you in hunt of best inventory management books which can help you to cut Inventory Management Explained helps readers build a solid. Forecasting, Lot Sizing, Safety Stock, and Ordering Systems are explained in great detail. The book goes well beyond typical inventory management books by .

The book is not perfect, however. I would have liked to see more details on some topics such as planning bills and phantom bills.

Though these are covered, I don't think they are given adequate detail. MRP can run fine being fed directly by the forecast in certain environments. Probably the most important reason to read this book is the simple fact that it is likely the people that designed your MRP software used this book as a roadmap. Anyone associated with manufacturing. This is a great how-to book on implementing manufacturing techniques generally associated with Japanese production systems.

Short Book Review: Essentials of Inventory Management (Second Edition) By Max Muller

Written in an easy to read format with plenty of diagrams, forms, and photos, Implementing World Class Manufacturing takes you step-by-step through the implementation process. For those unfamiliar with JIT, Manufacturing Cells, Kanban, Kaizen, Cross-functional Teams, Total Productive Maintenance, and Setup Reduction you will find this book does a great job of explaining these techniques as well as giving detailed instruction on how to use them. This is one of those rare books that is designed to be used equally by managers and the employees on the shop floor.

Though the title states "fundamentals", I think this book goes beyond that in its treatment of flow. I don't like "theory" books so I was very pleased with the practical approach taken by the authors. I also have to complement the authors on sticking to the topic and not getting sidetracked into other lean topics.

Of particular interest are the detailed calculations associated with setting up flow lines and kanbans. I also appreciated the discussion of the implications of manufacturing software and flow.

This book is very well organized and a moderately quick read.

Plant Managers, Operations Managers. Making good use of graphics to enhance the text this book presents a complex topic in an easy to understand format.

Anyone considering opening a new facility or redesigning an existing one would benefit from reading this book. Plant Managers, Operations Managers, Executives.

Quick Response Manufacturing QRM is a manufacturing strategy for implementing speed throughout the manufacturing process, including often-neglected areas such as quote processing, engineering, product development, order processing.

At it's core is a move to cross-functional work cells and self-directed teams. QRM challenges in some cases attacks the cost-based decision making, functional departmentalization, and localized performance measurements which have become standardized in business during the 20th century. Since the benefits of QRM are not easily quantified many executives may see the move to QRM as somewhat of a leap of faith, and, to some extent, it is I'll admit there are at least a couple of statements that made be feel a little queasy.

The author does an excellent job of documenting a variety of real-world examples and gives extensive details on the implementation process. I think this is an excellent book and would highly recommend it to anyone involved in manufacturing and especially to those in make-to-order or engineer-to-order operations.

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Inventory Accuracy: I have long known that many businesses struggle with accuracy and are often unclear as to what they should be doing to improve operations.

The interest I have received on the articles I have written related to inventory accuracy inspired me to write what I like to refer to as "the ultimate resource on inventory accuracy. For more detailed information, sample pages, and ordering information go to www.

This is cover to cover pure warehousing and material handling, addressing the concepts and methods available for storage and movement of materials within the warehouse. From loading dock, to storage, to order picking, this book conveys facilities design and equipment options in an easy to understand format.

Comprehensive, easy to read, and lots of graphics.

I have quite a few books dealing with warehouse design, equipment, and operations but this is definitely my favorite. Much of the book focuses on the order-picking process, which makes it a good choice for fulfillment operations. Of particular interest is the detailed info on slotting as well as an objective discussion of the pros and cons of automation. The size of the book only pages results in somewhat brief treatments of the various topics.

So it is reasonable to follow their example if you plan to expand the store or just want to bring more order to the inventory and cut costs. We have prepared a list of books that provide a comprehensive overview of inventory management, ideas for successful inventory strategies and methods based on numerous efficacious experiences of companies and people working in this area. Bragg This book will be especially interesting and helpful for large warehouses owners as it describes how to spend less time and efforts on managing the warehouse and boost its efficiency.

It also examines inventory picking, storage, transactions and shows how to maximize the efficiency of inventory tracking systems.

Piasecki The book is mainly focused on inventory control, measuring accuracy, accounting and approaches for managing the counting. It explains how to decrease errors to a minimum and motivate workers.

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The author points out how powerful computer tools and systems can be in collaboration with human intelligent guidance. This book is basically warehouse management written, with detailed and deep knowledge of everything you will come across in the business.

Essentials of Inventory Management Author: Max Muller As the name suggests, the book includes every essential topic under inventory management. John Schreibfeder Coming from Jon Schreibfeder is president of Effective Inventory Management Inc , this book helps various manufacturers and suppliers to cope up with the competition, and maximize the profits. David J This book explains about the stock sizing and ordering systems.

Warehouse Management: Gwynne Richards The author focuses on cost effective techniques of managing your inventory. Supply Chain Network Design: Michael Watson As the name suggests, this book specifically tells you the techniques to optimize the supply chain and enhance the profits.

Inventory Accuracy: David J. Inventory Strategy: Edward Frazelle If you want to increase your knowledge on inventory management to the next level, then this book is your companion on that way.

Inventory Management

Maida Napolitano Designing and working with an inventory is a tough task but becomes a lot easier if you can learn it from experts. Production and Inventory Control Handbook Author: Greene If you want to know whereabouts of inventory management and its history, then this book is definitely for you. Warehouse Distribution and Operations Handbook Author: David Mulcahy The book has covered the topic about supply chains and how you can carry successful operations in your inventory.

Benefits of Inventory Serial Number Tracking. Stripe and Inventory Management Software.Of particular interest is the detailed info on slotting as well as an objective discussion of the pros and cons of automation. I don't like "theory" books so I was very pleased with the practical approach taken by the authors.

The more I learned, the more I realized how fortunate I have been in not having any serious accidents during my "ignorant years". downloading Management Toomey, John W. Andres Orozco Anglada rated it liked it Jan 04, Valerie Arnold rated it liked it Jul 03, I also have to complement the authors on sticking to the topic and not getting sidetracked into other lean topics.