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Uploaded by mushroom magazine. The mushroom magazine is the global Psytrance Guide. Copyright: Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . PDF | Iran Mushroom magazine is an analytic, informative and training magazine in the field of mushroom science and mushroom production in. PDF | On Sep 19, , M. R. Asef and others published New issue of Iran Mushroom Magazine.

Dooflex Records pre- www. ClockStopers is a hyper psyche- delic collaboration between the label acts Terranoise and EverGreen. This dock features 2 inputs for phantom powered microphones or guitars, MIDI in- and outputs, a footswitch jack, video out, headphones with level control and a stereo master out. In this way the iPad and all its Apps can be combined with crea- tive studio technology in quite every way imaginable.

A por- acturer Pioneer finally enters designed for Serato Itch. You can table, velocity-sensitive keyboard the controller market. The DDJ- forget about the keyboard and with pitch and modulation wheels T1 comes together with a spe- the touchpad of your laptop since and 9 trigger pads deliver intui- cial Traktor Pioneer edition full control of two decks and a tive control for both studio and that provides 4 decks, recor- mixer plus track browsing is pos- stage usage.

It comes But actually you only need the with two full sized Jog wheels monitor of your laptop any from the current CDJ players more because complete con- and a needle search for intuitive trol, track browsing and selec- track exploration. Both decks are tion etc. The controller looks pre- combined freely.


Spe- cial features are the multiple FX unit as well as a very sophisti- cated loop section that allows wild sampling sessions and finally also the needle search is a very nice function for track exploration. This does not only open the pos- Native Instruments presents a fundamental update of its entire Traktor sibility of seamless DJ changeo- family.

First of all, the famous software was completely redesigned and vers but also exciting back-to-back appears in a very easy on the eye layout now. Despite the plain look, the sessions. The multicoloured waveform differentiates between kicks, hi-hats and snares and the Sample Deck func- Numark presents the first DJ con- tion allows to create own loop libraries and to combine them with loads of troller for the iPad, the iPhone and effects.

Matching these new features, also the new Traktor Audio interfaces the iPod. The actual iDJ control- open a new dimension of creativity: Audio 10 handles up to 4 timecode ler includes only the basic features signal inputs when used with Traktor Scratch and offers incredible 10 out- for DJs, those parameters which puts. The new Direct Thru mode was integrated in all the Traktor interfaces are simply controlled best by some and makes them work without a computer, making DJ switchovers a breeze.

Numark works together with Algo- enters the next level: As the name of Torq 2 features 4 full equipped decks riddim, who already developed the the newest generation implies, this for playback, including heaps of new djay application for these devices.

The browser processors that can be combined and was updated to make the exploration of modulated via the psychedelic flashing music collections, including iTunes play- and colour-morphing touch pad. Each lists, even more easy. Also the pos- and modulate another effect. Korg sibility of inserting VST effects opens a talks about possibilities of easy- new realm of creativity. The program from the Live sequen- is packed with exciting new features cer.

Check out the and will work as a standalone appli- patch here: A few lyse a new world religion based on their psychedelic experiences they years ago we acquired a digital textile true mystical experience, fantastic! Pain- What is the most extraordinary up a website. Nine years later this ting with light is very inspiring and we project you have worked on?

Øivind Haug

Animation is some- event that provides a space for open thing we will be focusing on in the discussion about the psychedelic What is your main source near future. Now in its 7th year, with of inspiration? The support for this entheogenic experiences.

We felt the with Alex Grey- Any anecdote event has been incredible, there cer- need to somehow share and express about that? Helping to provide a seemed to come naturally. Creating tralian tour has been a buzz, he has space for community to come toge- art inspired by psychedelics for peo- created such an incredible body of ther, learn and share continues to be ple on psychedelics felt very mea- work which validates and provides very rewarding.

Work has already ningful and gave us a sense of pur- insight into the importance and value begun for Dec and the art bud- pose. There is so much value that can of the visionary experience.

We feel that all past and present religions. This www. They say that humans are drawn It was in when the company The hula hoop is one of the simp- to circles and spirals because there Wham-O manufactured a plastic lest and fun ways to partake in the are no straight lines in nature - This hoop in a variety of bright colours juggling experience. These days the hula hoop can be vic thrust-like movements one can twirled around whichever part of the manage to master some of the basic The origin of the hula hoop goes back body one can manage!

Not only are these an effective performance for many onlookers, but a great way of. Johnny Quest www. If you have ever given the hoop a good twirl, you will notice just how much work you really have to put into that thing! Think about those hips girls! Hoops come in a variety of sizes, colours, weighted or non weighted, wood, plastic, lit up or with fire attachments!

Making your own is actually quite easy see internet resources given below and you can ensure that it is weighted to how you require, rather than from a toy shop where they are often too light and difficult to use. Actually Caro from Berlin wanted to download a new camera but eventu- PVC or poly tubing is excellent to use: Last year she presen- This makes for a slightly heavier hoop and a good thickness.

Now she finished edi- Such a versatile toy having been used for ting the follow-up and the sunlit footage from last summer really centuries, the hula hoop really has end- makes you looking forward for the next one to come!

You can combine seve- ral, of same or differing sizes, your per- formance is limited only by your imagi- Eigentlich wollte sich Caro einen neuen Fotoapparat zulegen- doch nation!

Guys or girls equally can enjoy irgendwie ist es eine Videokamera geworden. Seit dem sind die the fun and cheekiness playing about beiden ein untrennbares Team, insbesondere auf Partys. Nun hat sie den Nachfolger fertig geschnit- Kylie Van Eerden ten und die sonnendurchfluteten Aufnahmen des letzten Sommers We collected you a link bundle if machen wirklich Laune auf den kommenden! The psychedelic revolution never stopped. In my case, I was fusing my It just had to travel halfway around the world to a deserted music with yogic energy.

This combi- beach at the end of a dirt road where it was allowed to nation, which in the beginning came from an acoustic guitar and an elec- mutate and evolve without government or media pressures trified Kundalini, helped to spark until a new paradigm was acheived: The Goa state of mind. Soon, our passion led us to form bands, get All of us there were experiencing no restaurants. There was nothing electric sound equipment, and set something indescribably new.

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Most except the beach, some locals, and a up a stage on the beach. We also of all, psychedelic music had explo- small tribe of hippies. It was paradise. Most of us also travelled rhythm and blues, jazz, and fusion: In my hippie musical history. Sadhu myself. But even as a Sadhu, my love of It was during this time that many of music never left me. I began trave- In the early years we edited these us decided to take our trip on the ling with a guitar, returning every Eurobeat tracks using two Walk- road.

It which seemed to come to me from own remixes to fit our party con- was the East - and most of all India - deep in the universe, channeled cept. Eventually, musicians who where our tribe collectively headed. Soon, I was on the to create a special mix of East and cally designed for the dance floors beaches of Goa.

At that time, there West, absorbing the spiritual tradi- of Goa. Likewise, Goa based artists were no bikes, no rickshaws, and tions of India into our music, art and also began creating music of their. This is an extract from the GOA book - The englisch version is going to be released in english langiage end of - more info: It was at this commune with the Universe and time that we began collaborating the Spirit of Nature.

We are using with Kode IV, which later evolved trance music and the trance dance into our independent project, The experience to set off a chain reac- Nommos. We have lution. Our objective has always nothing new. Since the beginning always felt that what we were doing been to use music to create a mind of time, man has used the availa- was similar to what the earliest man blowing experience, so the music ble technologies of his day, toge- did with his drum, only with tech- has to be new enough to be able to ther with the cycles of the sun and nologies that were developed much achieve that: I am still on my quest for the Holy all who participated.

This is one of Grail of Music, searching the under- the ways that people have always Of course, some people come to the ground all over the world for new used to open themselves to inspira- parties just to have a good time or sounds and beats that might help tion and evolution, as well as hea- an unusual experience…and there guide people to that special place ling and rejuvenation. My partner, is nothing wrong with that!

But many we found: Ariane Nimba, Nommos , who is times, people come with a spiritual. They want to commune with the Universe or experience the full depth of their consciousness.

Like so many before them, they use music and dance to accomplish this. For me too, these parties are like my religion - the old time religion. Susi for the 21st Century.

I think we When we dance we go beyond music to the people. When the music have all experienced this in some way thought, beyond mind, and beyond is really good and the dancers are or another. A really good party can our own individuality to become completely into it, we all stop thinking ignite a special light in our hearts that One in the Divine Ecstasy of Union and become one with the music, with can blossom into love, compassion with the Cosmic Spirit.

This is the each other, and with the nature all and vision.

These, in turn, can help us essence of the Trance Dance Expe- around us. We fall into a trance, fully to understand what a wonderful world rience. At this moment, tual evolution. A these parties.

That is more sensitive and aware of them- possible to turn that good time into one of the reasons my DJ sets are so selves, their surroundings, the a life changing experience. A DJ or long… often 24 hours, and sometimes crossroads of humanity, and the musician can be a guide, and help even longer!

Another reason is that needs of the planet. With that awa- open people up to that very special once you feel that Oneness and Cos- reness comes understanding and type of experience. That is the need of the long as you can. The longer the party hour and the true Goa spirit. The way I do it has been the same goes on, the stronger the Trance, the since the beginning… going all the Spirit, and the Magic.

I try to Cosmic Soul, and the souls of the dan- relax into a space where I am one cers are all communicating individually from: People really www. Mad Hatter , when we also started going to nearly every psytrance party there was. We are privileged to be able to attend so many par- ties, mainly due to our lifestyle at our pizza business, which is open 5pm to midnight daily, just the right time to go to the party for the night!

Entrance to parties ranges nal pizza deli- ground outdoor parties sometimes from just 2 Euro for the indoor par- very com- for less than people during the ties to 20 Euro for the outdoor pany since mild winter months here too, usu- Saturday night parties. The trance-friendly and offer shuttle ser- ground psytrance party bigger outdoor parties, attended vices.

We are both nised by Groovy Troopers, Bear- around Euro a week. One can extremely involved in the trap, The Village, Mindcultivation also post a request for a lift on the psytrance culture in Cape and others, whilst the biggest par- party threads on the net. I dance festivals. Record labels who drive from Cape Town. The full weekend par- ties usually have a second, more chilled dance floor. The under- ground parties tend to push the limits more, and it is not uncommon to find an artist playing at bpm and beyond, which is my personal preference.

Here you can download pre- pic: All party informa- necessary authority to throw their tion, directions and fliers are availa- party, and some legal psychede- ble, as well as any tourist info nee- lics are tolerated - it is possible to ded.

Plus it is a really trippy place find some stocks at the parties — the and well worth checking out on best is to discreetly ask the Rastas your next visit.

In conclusion, South Most of the Saturday night out- Africa is a per- door parties have the music pla- fect place to visit ying from around 4pm until about with fantastic wea- the same time on Sunday afternoon ther and plenty — 24 hours non-stop. At some par- of safe and secure ties one can continue to camp until psytrance parties the Monday. There is usually a pro- to enjoy. Party also inviting you to contribute, to ist auch das Meer aus Licht und bring in your talents, ideas and Farben, in welchem wir ein visions.

What is it you always erfrischendes Bad nehmen wanted to experience at a und den grauen Staub des party? Aber Party sind vor vity to the next level? For allem die Menschen, die sure juggling and other sie machen. But pro- ration von mushroom Par- bably you have even wil- tys. Richtig gelesen, die Goa der, freakier, more spaced- Bravo bittet zum Tanz! After all we are the Psy Trance scene and if there is some Genau genommen bittet sie aber really frisky-freaky stuff going on nicht nur zum Tanz sondern auch somewhere, than it should hap- um deine aktive Mithilfe, um deine pen here!

What are your ideas Talente, Ideen und Visionen. Bis Mitte Mai sammeln wir cial experience? What is it you always endliche Erlebnis noch mal auf ein ganz Eure Ideen. Und vielleicht bist Du ja sogar wanted to do, to see or to expe- anderes Level katapultieren? Jonglage als Performer dabei oder Du hast die rience at a party? Send us your suggestions to Hinsicht sicher spannende Sachen.

Aber zen. Besuche auch gerne unsere Facebook mushroom mushroom-media. We are coll- zur Sache geht, dann doch wohl hier!

Party is get the opportunity to put your freaky Partys gerne zu einem speziellen Erleb- also the ocean of light and colours in ideas to action. Have a look at our nis machen? Was wolltest Du auf einer which we can take a bath from week- Facebook page www. Wie lautet die Parole Dei- dust of everyday life. Exactly Trance event, tell us what would give Revolution? Schick uns jetzt Deine Vor- this is the idea which the next gene- you the ultimate kick.

Yes, you got it right: Our magazine available at www. Spirit Base - Stone Age Wed In mehr als 5. The for- warth Geschichte sein. Das ehema- tar-Landschaft verwandeln. The 9th Wald-Goa!

Das 9. Spirit Base wird sind gebucht. Visitors come from all out liegen werden. Im Gegensatz selt. Die Festival- from 1st to the evening of 5th Das Steinzeit-Goa dauert vom 1.

Spirit Base might be the first zum Abend des 5. CU in Austria! Der be decorated this year by seve- Mainfloor wird heuer von mehre- Tom Rom ral deco teams — with some eye- ren Deko-Teams gestaltet, wobei es candy-like surprises. Ulrich Vlasak turn the forest into an Avatar-like space.

More than DJs and live- acts have been booked. The focus of the line-up is again on Progres- sive Trance but also Full-on, Dark- Psy, Oldschool and spacey Ambient will be on the 3 floors.

The music on the mainfloor and the second floor will alternate in tempo. The big market area with chaishops will be next to the Stone Age village. Festi- val tickets are available at www. Psychedelic Experience OA Fr Mitten rience. It is a festival of reu- etwas Speziellem machte. So ist sie ein nion but also a festival for making Festival des Wiedersehens aber auch ein new friends and by now visi- Festival des Kennenlernens- wobei mitt- tors from all around the globe lerweile Besucher aus fast allen Ecken have been seen.

To achieve this der Welt gesichtet wurden. Um diesem approach, there is only one dance Anspruch gerecht zu werden, gibt es floor. Carefully coordinated with nur einen Dancefloor. Hier werden in each time of the day, it will pre- sorgsamer Abstimmung mit der jewei- sent all musical styles of nowa- ligen Tageszeit alle musikalischen Stil- days scene.

Neelix stellt sein neues and Materia will bring up-to-date Album vor, Phaxe bringt aktuellen Pro- sounds. Freakulizer, Neelix, Khainz, Grimlock, Chill: Just In, Venloerstr. Estgold-Artfactory, 3Dlight, Light Orga: Envelope Rec: Eye, Ocin Rumble www. Prima Platten: Simon Spielvogel, Sa.

Rastlos Techno www. Deep Dub Rec.: Simon from 08 Uhr to 20 Uhr Elektropastete Mutant Minimal Anders: Alex Fuentes Fr. Fluoro- Nyama live YanneX vs. Tomeye, Ronk, Diepsyden, Mazen Fr. Harald Telisee Bass Rodec, Kimie, Tamahuka, Kaischi Teddy vs. Iono Music Labelnight Progres- Fr. Echoes Rec. Sa, U-Recken, Mikari, Code: Chaos Orga: Alex, bejbi. Psychedelic Experience Crew Fr, Waldfrieden Wunderland - Berg- str.

Waldfrieden - Events. Dino Psaras, Rinkadink, Digital Loc: Still und heimlich hat sie sich zusammen mit dem vergangenen Jahr verabschiedet: Die Rede ist von unserer Trance Card. Leider fanden sich in letzter Zeit immer weniger Partyveranstalter, die an unserem Vielfeier- Rabatt- programm teilnehmen wollten. Aus diesem Grund haben wir das Angebot nun eingestellt. Drugstore news are also entirely new substances, results of drug research. A popu- lar example was Mephedrone, which is a drug according to the laws of most European countries today.

Research chemicals can provoke heavy effects and side- effects and since they have not been examined properly, long- term effects are unknown. Cur- rently there are pills containing 4-FA for instance. Im kommen- Coffeeshops strictly for dutch members? Again and again alarming impu- in Zurich had been cancelled. The It seems probable that the Dutch rities are found in marihuana fair shall be held next year again. The plant looks like von Cannabis Konsumenten In this way coffee shops will there are lots of crystals on it but Die Im Herbst letzten Jahres vom become private clubs, only acces- it does not have a strong smell at Deutschen Hanfverband ins Leben sible for members.

Only regi- all.

Burning this grass will result gerufene Petition zur Entkrimina- stered citizen of the Netherlands in a strange smell, unusual smoke lisierung von Hanfkonsumenten, also foreigners being officially regi- and black, oily residues. The die eine Liberalisierung des deut- stered here can become mem- material is heavier than the actual schen Rechts hinsichtlich des Can- bers of these clubs.

Thus coffee dried plant should be. Also impu- nabiskonsums fordert z. In the big cities with research chemicals more and erfolgreichsten deutschen Online- in the centre of the Netherlands like more often. These substances are Petitionen.

mushroom magazine 02/2011

Obwohl die wich- Amsterdam the new system will often derivates of law-controlled tige Grenze von Your Guide The mushroom magazine is the global Psytrance Guide. Flag for inappropriate content. Results: C. Chloroform extract of C. While chloroform extract of C. Moreover, all tested mushrooms demonstrated antibacterial activity and n-hexane extract of L. Conclusion: These results indicate that different extracts of investigated mushroom have considerable cytotoxic, antioxidant and antibacterial properties and may be utilized as a promising source of therapeutics.

Local consumption of wild mushrooms are also increasing because of their medicinal properties[ 4 , 6 ] due to the presence of secondary metabolites having pharmaceutical importance.

Whereas, nutraceuticals are defined as concentrated phytochemicals derived from food and applied as a supplement. Albeit nearly 60 antimicrobial compounds have been isolated from mushrooms; only the compounds from microscopic fungi have been present in the market as antibiotics until now.

Even though humans are well protected against free radicals, many diseases such as cancer may result from the uncontrolled production of reactive oxygen species.

Drugs of herbal origin have been used in traditional systems of medicine since ancient times, and many researchers have benefited from medicinal plants to prevent oxidative stress. Therefore, this study focused on analysis of bioactive feature of some wild edible mushrooms. In this concern, we elucidated the cell growth inhibitory potential of four edible mushrooms; Coprinus comatus O.

Polyporaceae on liver hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 cells in conjunction with their antioxidant and antibacterial capacities. Necessary morphological and ecological characteristics of the samples were recorded, and they were photographed in their natural habitats. Then they were brought to the fungarium and microstructural properties were investigated.

Comparing the obtained macroscopic and microscopic data with literature,[ 18 ] they were identified as T. Extraction of bioactive ingredients After drying under mild heat evaporator, entire mushroom samples cap and stripe were powdered with liquid nitrogen, mortar and paste. Then bioactive ingredients were extracted by ml of different solvent systems such as, water, methanol, chloroform, acetone and n-hexane using Soxhlet extraction apparatus throughout 2 days. After extraction, solvents were evaporated with rotary evaporator IKA, Staufen Germany under vacuum to dryness and lyophilized to get ultra dry powders that were solubilized with minimum amount of sterile distilled water.

They were diluted to different concentrations according to experiments before the experimental setup. Determination of cell growth inhibitory potential of mushrooms on hepatocellular carcinoma cells Cell viability was quantified using 2, 3-bis- 2-methoxynitrosulfophenyl - 2H-tetrazoliumcarboxanilide XTT in vitro cellular toxicity assay. Later, trypsin activity was brought to end by the addition of 5 ml growth medium. Cell growth inhibitory potential of the mushrooms on HepG2 cells was studied using commercial XTT cell proliferation kit Biological Industries, Israel.

The methods used to evaluate these indicators of antioxidative capacity are given in the following parts. Determination of total phenolic contents Concentration of total phenolic compounds in different extracts of T. In this method, gallic acid with various concentrations 0. This method was adapted to microtiter plate measurements in triplicate.


Determination of total flavonoid contents Total flavonoids of water, methanol, chloroform, acetone and n-hexane extracts obtained from edible mushrooms were determined using protocols reported by[ 21 ] with slight modifications. After filtration, absorbance of the filtrates was measured at , and nm. Gallic acid 0. Blank measurements without standard or extracts were also performed.

After reading absorbance at nm, reduction of the DPPH radical was determined as percent discoloration of DPPH which was calculated according to following formula; The extract concentrations providing the IC50 was calculated from the graph of RSA versus extract amount that was used for the comparison of different extracts of tested mushrooms.

After incubation for 10 min at room temperature, absorbances were read at nm, and IC50 values were calculated. Determination of reducing power Reducing powers of different extracts were determined according to the method[ 24 ] with an adaptation to microplate measurement. After reading the absorbance at nm, effective concentrations EC50 at which the absorbance was 0. Escherich and Agrobacterium tumefaciens Smith and Townsend by the disc diffusion susceptibility method.

Negative controls were prepared with water alone.For me too, these parties are like my religion - the old time religion. A popu- lar example was Mephedrone, which is a drug according to the laws of most European countries today. Kim On Chong-Gossard and F. Nine new juicy tunes will treat in the Records around labelhead Nicolas Di a Neil Gibson creation and Tim Schuldt following summer the dancefloors world- Bernardo from Argentinia has the fifth does the mastering.

Atomic Pulse that even make any sense? He mentions them only once, in the Satires, in one of the praecepta that emerges from the mouth of the didactic Catius: pratensibus optima fungis natura est; aliis male creditur.

Martial 1. For daily updates, Psytrance news, many a raffle and further surprises simply become a fan at our Facebook page www. You can now obtain all those killer synths, FX, and a greatly improved, sleek user interface for just Euro provided you own a Mac.

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